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Shibireru Darou? or SBD for short, is a blog that was created in June 2012 as a way to be a sort of feelings/meta output for anime (mainly Penguindrum, hence the title). Every season we blog a few live shows that seem interesting and fun to look at both in terms of analysis and enjoyment, and also do some retro blogging where we review a show that’s already aired. Our aim is to give quality reviews, episode by episode, of the shows we love as well as discuss the meta-textual (going outside or behind the context).  Our longer essays that are more thematic based are saved for The Meta Dump, which may or may not be related to the shows we’re currently blogging. Though we are new, we hope to continue this blog for a while, so we hope you stick along with us for the ride and enjoy what you see/read!

gallifreyians is a newbie who got into anime in the summer of 2011. His MAL can be found here and makes it painfully obvious how new he is.  Although he may be a “newbie”, do not think that makes him any less knowledgeable about all things anime! Outside of the internet, gallifreyians, known as Steven, is college student studying fine art.

illegenes, or simply known as Natasha, is a 23 year old tv enthusiast who has been watching anime as long as she can remember. When not putting up with the hectic researcher life, she can be found doodling on her notes, watching TV dramas, or playing League of Legends with friends. You can also find her through MAL and twitter. Some of her favorite anime include Revolutionary Girl UtenaErgo Proxy, FLCL, Gankutsuou, Aku no Hana, .hack//SIGN,  Mawaru Pengindrum and Serial Experiments Lain.

wendeego would like to say that he got his start with Japanese manga and anime when he picked up the first volume of Fullmetal Alchemist at a bookstore. The truth, though, is that the whole thing probably started with staying up until nine o’clock at night in the Philippines to watch Pokemon with friends. Today he attends college in Ohio, reads weird fiction while sitting in trees, and occasionally (read: often) spazzes out about anime with classmates. Loves Haibane Renmei, Now and Then, Here and There and Honey and Clover, practically worships at the feet of Revolutionary Girl Utena and still thinks FLCL is the best summation of adolescence he’s ever seen.

vestenet is best described as having an on-and-off relationship with anime (an indecisiveness further exemplified by his dual degree in biochemistry and English literature). He’s come around to enjoying it again, thanks in no small part to certain recent works by certain people named Kunihiko Ikuhara. One of the most formative experiences of his youth was, by chance, catching a showing of The Adolescence of Utena late one night on TV. He has yet to recover. Besides Utena, other favorites include Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, Kino’s Journey, The Tatami GalaxyAku no HanaMononoke, and other 2deep4u shows.  You can find his anime opinions more frequently and more inanely touted on his Twitter.

ariuryl is the newest member of the crew and even newer to writing, but she’s trying her best. Her first exposure to anime was Yu Yu Hakusho (but back then she called it “Ghost Fighters”, and sometimes she still calls the main character “Eugene”) and she’s been a fan of Yoshihiro Togashi ever since. Her personal favorite series is Lucifer and The Biscuit Hammer, but she also loves Dorohedoro, Shut Hell, REAL, Golden Kamuy, and 7 Seeds. As much as she complains about Shounen Jump, she always finds herself coming back to it every week, often livetweeting in her twitter account.

28 responses to “About Us

  1. Yall were Gods of analysis. What happened?
    Please write about Uchoten Kazoku 2. Would love to read about your views on it.

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  3. I love MPD and your discussions on Zankyou no Terror, amongst other things c: Thank you!
    Will you be blogging Yuri Kuma Arashi?

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  5. I love you guys since the first few SSY reviews.
    A friend of mine commented something about a “grad level paper for every episode of a show” but now I get what he means.
    I would love if you guys could take Zetsuen no Tempest*.
    Keep up with the great work.


  6. Hey, there. This is AnimeDiscussionCorner; I have a WordPress site now. Could I exchange that link with yours?

  7. Hey! You guys really made this blog look so good, the layout is awesome (: btw @illegenes how did you come up with that name? The first time I saw your name was after I read the manga Ilegenes and was like ‘wow this dude liked that manga so much he based his username on it?!’ :p

    I’m not sure if you mind, b-but wanna do a link exchange? (:

    • You should thank Steven for that – he’s the one who designed the blog! As for my nickname, it’s a common misassumption (not your fault), but my name actually derives from legene(s), which in my home language sort of means “passionate.” It’s a nickname my grandparents gave me and so I created my name based off that. (I HAVE read the Ilegenes manga, and it’s definitely…interesting, heh.)

      Sure! I’ll add you straight away.

  8. I feel like this sorta went out of order, but here goes :
    1. I like your guys’ blog! Besides being a pleasure to read (also the layout is sicknasty), it’s definitely been great in helping me wrap my head around Shinsekai yori this season.
    2. I probably should’ve asked you guys before I started linking to your stuff. Sorry! Should I make sure to give a heads up in the future?
    3. Would you mind exchanging links with my blog as well? I’m not exactly sure what my blog is doing at the moment , but it looks like thematic analysis + frequent disgressions so far and I’m thinking it’ll stay that way.
    4. I discovered you guys thanks to misfortunedogged, so here’s a bit of a shoutout to him as well.

    • Hello there! It’s nice to meet’cha.
      1.) Thank you so much! (You can thank Steven/gallifreyians for the brilliant layout design, he’s the guy behind all that) And we’re really glad you like our SSY posts, it’s always a pleasure hearing that people enjoy what we have to say.
      2.) It’s no problem! On the contrary, we’re quite honored and happy to be linked, so you don’t need to go through formalities or anything (we’re a cool bunch, I promise)
      3 and 4.) Sure thing! Adding you to the list. I’ll be a little honest here and say that I’ve snuck around your blog a couple of times and I really like some of the things you’ve had to say, especially the Interpretation post. And much thanks to misfortunedogged, hope you both keep in touch!

  9. Would you be interested in exchanging links (I wasn’t sure how to contact you)? I’m trying to do better at connecting with other anime blogs that I think have interesting material. I’m mostly into commentary-lit stuff; seems that it would mesh a little what you guys do. Plus, you’ve written stuff on series that I had a bit to say about.


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