Twelve Days of Anime 6: The Out-Of-This-World Fashion Synergy of Haruka and Michiru [Tailor Moon Part 2]

The last time I wrote about Sailor Moon, I wrote about fashion in spite of my embarrassing ignorance regarding anything about fashion, and women’s fashion in particular. So how about more of that?

Today, let’s focus on everyone’s favorite Sailor Scout couple, Haruka and Michiru, and peruse a sampling of the outfits they wore throughout the fifth and final season of the show, Sailor Stars.

[SMC] Sailor Moon Stars 167v2 R2 DVD(H264.AC3)[2F033D3C].mkv_snapshot_13.23_[2014.06.25_00.56.49]As early as the first episode, these girls are killing it. Haruka’s looking great as always in a sport coat. The notched lapels make for the classic style, and she wears it unbuttoned, hands in pockets, exuding a relaxing and casual air. The goldenrod color is unusual, but the matching slacks and a plain black shirt give the color room to breathe, and the ensemble  works particularly well with her sandy hair. The high waistline dates the outfit, certainly, but the Christian cross necklace is timeless. Michiru, on the other hand, forgoes her partner’s monochrome tendencies and works a two-tone red and pink dress. It’s conservative, yet the tiny bow and periwinkle sleeves (which may be a part of the dress, though it’s hard to tell) add a playfulness appropriate for a high school girl out on a date. And all of this looks particularly great under her wavy aquamarine hair.

[SMC] Sailor Moon Stars 168v2 R2 DVD(H264.AC3)[5EA2CE48].mkv_snapshot_05.12_[2014.06.25_00.59.05]“Papa” Haruka and “Mama” Michiru come home to lil’ Hotaru, and wow, if they aren’t the best gay parents a child could ask for. A light blue coat, dark blue shirt, and white slacks again prove Haruka’s ability to coordinate her colors quite well. This time, she favors a shawl lapel, which is less formal and a good choice for something like grocery shopping. Michiru’s pale fuchsia coat is nothing but classy through and through. With her gold choker and red lipstick, she looks like she should be hosting an installation of her paintings, not doing errands. But for Michiru, there’s no such thing as overdressing.

[SMC] Sailor Moon Stars 179v2 R2 DVD(H264.AC3)[9719B41B].mkv_snapshot_02.08_[2014.06.24_09.59.31][SMC] Sailor Moon Stars 179v2 R2 DVD(H264.AC3)[9719B41B].mkv_snapshot_21.25_[2014.06.24_10.24.22]

These outfits are insane. I don’t know where to begin. Let’s start with Haruka’s lapels. We’re back to the notch style, albeit one that cuts very deep, but the real appeal is how both parts are two-toned. For the top section, Haruka uses her dark blue shirt collar to overlap the jacket, which is a very cool, casual technique, drawing attention to the unfastened top button. She’s hip and out for a night on the town. What I can’t figure out is the light blue on the lower section of the lapel. It looks like there should be another part of her shirt folding out and covering it, as with the collar, but that obviously isn’t happening, and it isn’t even the right color. It could be the lining to her jacket, but that shade of blue doesn’t show up anywhere on the top section of lapel, nor on the sliver of the jacket’s inside that we can just barely see on the second photo. My conclusion: only that one part of the lapel has that lining. It’s ridiculous, it’s baffling, but it’s awesome. Moving on, outside of the camel jacket, she sticks to the “variations in blue” color scheme, which continues to be a solid choice for her. Michiru joins in with her own blue-striped wrap blouse, complemented by a light shawl she keeps draped and ever-so-perfectly tousled around her arms. Her preposterously pentagonal purse is the best, though. It looks like it belongs on the streets of Blade Runner. Does this stuff come naturally to them, or do they spend hours in their room working on the perfect pair of outfits for every day? Such are the things Sailor Moon makes me think about.

[SMC] Sailor Moon Stars 180v2 R2 DVD(H264.AC3)[FC01063D].mkv_snapshot_02.55_[2014.06.24_10.30.01]Oh my god, denim girlfriends.

Denim Girlfriends.



[SMC] Sailor Moon Stars 181v2 R2 DVD(H264.AC3)[F2549632].mkv_snapshot_06.27_[2014.06.24_13.24.07]

Who knows where Michiru found two matching sleeveless shirts with a zigzag pattern, and bless her for doing so. You can tell that Michiru is the mastermind behind this ensemble by noticing how nonplussed Haruka’s expression is. Matching outfits on couples are saccharine at best, and annoying at worst, but these two can pull off anything. The ridiculousness of the pattern also helps sell their appearance–it’s obnoxious enough that it loops back around to incredible. Bonus detail: this pair of shirts was intended for a straight couple (Haruka’s buttons are on the right side, Michiru’s are on the left), but I can’t imagine anyone else looking good as these two.

Thanks for reading my second hot exposé on the clothing in Sailor Moon. I’ll leave you, kind reader, with this screencap of Haruka perfecting her fresh-out-of-the-shower smolder.

[SMC] Sailor Moon Stars 169v2 R2 DVD(H264.AC3)[64695E63].mkv_snapshot_02.22_[2014.06.07_19.33.44]


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