12 Days of Christmas 2013: Day Six

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Sorry for the delay! I had a fifteen-page research paper due today (and a five-page paper on Kore-eda’s Japanese film Nobody Knows) so I was quite preoccupied. Hopefully from this point on we’ll be able to return to our regular schedule. Judging from the title picture, you may have already guessed the subject of today’s post…

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,



Originally I intended to write on Trigger’s gung-ho delinquent school battle story Kill la Kill for my first post in the 12 Days of Christmas, but something told me that it would be worth waiting for the twelfth episode and seeing which card the show would choose to play last. Now that the dust has cleared, I can say that I am surprised how many cards the series continues to hold to its chest, ranging from Ragyo’s objectives to Senketsu’s lost memories to what exactly life fibers are, anyway. I’m also a little disappointed (maybe) by the fact that Ryuuko going berserk didn’t change up the narrative as much as I thought. What I will say, though, is that as many great scenes as there were in the twelfth episode (Nui standing under a rain of blood with her parasol open, laughing; Tsumugu dual-wielding triggers and exploding the stadium; Satsuki running in like the hero of the hour and taking on a legitimately scary-looking Ryuuko) there was one that almost made me cry. This is the story of that scene.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Mako Makanshou. She was Ryuuko’s best friend.

One day, when Satsuki offered her great power and permanent wealth for her family in exchange for Ryuuko’s life, she jumped at the chance.

She hit Ryuuko again and again, knowing that her family’s happiness was on the line. Anyone who would have them return to the slums could not be her friend.

But as Mako hit Ryuuko again and again, she realized that something wasn’t right. This was because…

Even though Ryuuko’s life was in danger, even though she could have wiped the floor with Makanshou had she the chance, she refused to go all out.

Mako knew this because she, too, was not going all out. Had she really wanted, she could have punched Ryuuko out of existence.

But in the end she chose not to. She realized that as hard as she worked to make her family happy, that desire almost killed the person she cared most about.

Some days later, Ryuuko was overwhelmed by anger in the middle of battle, her kamui transforming her into a monster.

But Mako would not let her friend die. Even if it meant swimming through the stars themselves. The thought of death didn’t cross her mind once.

Because she owed Ryuuko a debt. And having almost done something terrible for her family’s sake, she knew that Ryuuko was on the verge of doing the same thing.

So Mako, former president of the Fight Club, decided to deal with things the only way she knew how.

If Ryuuko had taken her blows until she had come to her senses, days before, then Mako would strike Ryuuko until she came to her senses. No matter what it took.

And so she hit her again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Waiting for her best friend to come to her senses.

Until finally, she did.

i mean


Pull yourself together Mako, jeez



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