kill la kill theories 6

Who cares about notability? Let’s throw legitimacy to the wind and throw out some theories about where Kill la Kill may be heading.

So it looks like Kill la Kill is heading towards a major turning point in the next few episodes. In that spirit, I thought I would take the opportunity to write up some predictions on where the series might go from here. Feel free to read through them if you want; they’ll almost certainly be proven wrong a week from now!

1. Who is the woman with the scissor blade?

Ryuuko seems to believe that Satsuki has the other half of her scissor blade, or at least knows where it might be. While Satsuki may know where the scissor blade might be (Inumata’s web of information is vast) I sincerely doubt she took it herself: what reason would she have to do so when she has everything she needs? Satsuki’s mother and her associated organization are more suspect, but the fact that Ryuuko arrives on the scene when she does, leading Satsuki to wear her kamui before schedule, makes me think that Ryuuko is an unknown in their elaborate plans (unless they purposefully led Ryuuko to the school in order to provide Satsuki with a proper challenge?) This leaves two options that we know of. The first and most likely is Nudist Beach, who have both connections to Ryuuko’s family (Aikuro and maybe Tsumugu…more on that later) and a reason for luring Ryuuko to Honnouji Academy (using her as a tool to bring down Satsuki’s hierarchy.) The second is Kansai, that one school mentioned in the first episode (when Gamagoori wonders if the renegade student at the beginning is a Kansai spy) that is supposedly outside Satsuki’s control. Whether Kansai is a meaningless background detail, a Chekov’s Gun, or a connection to Nudist Beach, is anyone’s guess!

Look familiar? Hmm…who knows, really?

2. What will happen to Ryuuko and her uniform?

As seen in episode 10, Ryuuko’s uniform is “evolving” at an incredible rate. Both Aikuro and Tsumugu are convinced that the kamui poses a great danger to Ryuuko. We already know that kamui are parasitic, draining blood from the people who wear them. We also know that a woman close to Tsumugu was eaten by similar clothing. As ABCBTom has theorized on his own blog, could Ryuuko be facing a similar fate? Were Senketsu to evolve out of control and initiate a fashion apocalypse, taking Ryuuko with it, it wouldn’t be easy to imagine what would happen next: Ryuuko as the Big Bad for the second half, Satsuki and her Elite Four as the only ones capable of stopping her. Maybe the only weapon capable of defeating an ascended Senketsu could be *gasp* the other half of the scissor blade? Another possible scenario could be the Elite 4 travelling across the post-Senketsustrumentality landscape searching for their leader so that she can take on Ryuuko, but it’s hard to say at this point.

Ryuuko Matoi: doesn’t give a shit that pushing spiral energy to the utmost without restraint leads to the inevitable end of the universe.

3. What’s the deal with Satsuki’s parents?

I’ve been wondering this myself! We know that Satsuki’s mother is probably Bad News (and a far better candidate for Lordgenomehood than Satsuki herself) and that her father intended Satsuki’s kamui to be “her wedding dress.” It could be that Satsuki was meant to be a kind of valkyrie, meant to wear her dress into battle and never take it off. Both Ryuuko and Satsuki are certainly bound by their clothing, constrained by their roles as revolutionary and despot and prevented from wearing any other kind of apparel by circumstance. Ryuuko might certainly love to wear any of the clothes she walks by in the ED, or be like any other high school student. But bound as she is by her father’s death, she can’t help but ascend through the ranks at Honnouji and throw everything into chaos.

Not subtle, but heartbreaking all the same.

Assuming that Junketsu was made before Senketsu, it could be that Junketsu was made as a means for the Kiryuuin family to counteract Senketsu were he ever to appear. We know that Senketsu means “fresh blood” and Junketsu “purity,” but if we take a leap of faith and say that Senketsu is “stained” by the blood of the woman we see in Tsumugu’s flashback while Junketsu is “pure,” could it be that Junketsu is literally stainless due to the fact that it has never killed anyone? In other words, that Junketsu is “safe?” Senketsu has a personality while Junketsu (apparently) does little other than screech and strain against its bonds; could Senketsu have absorbed its personality, its “soul,” from somebody else?

The other option, of course, is that Junketsu is actually more dangerous than Senketsu. To be honest, my pet theory a few episodes ago was that when Satsuki’s father told his daughter he intended the kamui to be her wedding dress, he meant that figuratively: that Satsuki’s ultimate fate was to be eaten by the kamui so that it could be worn by somebody else. Ryuuko appears to be the only person capable of wearing her kamui, but perhaps kamui can be worn by people of the same bloodline? If that is true, than maybe Satsuki’s mother intends for her daughter to be consumed by her kamui, unleashing the uniform’s true power, then wearing it herself and using it to dominate the world on her own terms. Pretty unlikely, but honestly I’d expect anything from this show at this point.

Ominous much?

4. What’s the deal with Ryuuko’s parents? And what is “life fiber,” anyway?

I can see three roads Nakashima might go down regarding life fiber and what it is. The first is that what life fiber is isn’t really important: it’s more an enabler of the action than anything else. This could be the case, but since Ryuuko explicitly asks in a few episodes “what is life fiber anyway?!?” I’m betting we’ll be receiving an answer in the near future. The second, and maybe most probable, is that life fibers are made out of people. Not sure how: maybe it’s their souls, their bodies, something about them which is drawn out and turned into thread. In the OP we see a massive “cage” of people of red thread holding hands, hanging over the school, while in the ED we similarly see a sculpture depicting a cage made of people similarly made of red thread. There’s also something weirdly poetic in the idea of “people” being complicit in their own subjugation: people are transformed into thread, then woven into uniforms which enable people to perpetrate Satsuki’s social hierarchy. Of course, this would mean that kamui drain blood and consume their wearers because people are made out of life fiber; if kamui can absorb life fiber, and people are made of life fiber or contain life fiber, is there any reason why they couldn’t absorb the life fibers of living bodies as well?

A web of people: metaphorical or literal? (Sorry about the credits in the way!)

The third road is that life fibers are alien in origin, and that Satsuki and Honnouji are facing a similar threat to what Simon and co. faced at the end of Gurren Lagann. There have been very few hints of beings other than humans thus far, but the show does have a predominant star motif that pops up in almost every episode. Similarly, Satsuki’s project at the school is called the “Human Liberation Front”: what does she intend to liberate humans from? Themselves? Outsiders? Again, this is very unlikely, but I wouldn’t put anything past Imaishi and Nakashima.

As for Ryuuko’s family, I’ll just put this forward: I’m almost certainly that the woman we see in Tsumugu’s flashback is Ryuuko’s mother. We know from Ryuuko herself that her mother is dead, and it’s just too much of a coincidence! That being the case, I’m guessing that Tsumugu may be related to Ryuuko, either her uncle (he does have similar red hair!) or maybe part of a love triangle between Ryuuko’s father and mother. This would link all the characters together, establish Tsumugu as an important character (he is voiced by Kamina after all)  and provide a pretty good thorough-line for why Tsumugu tries to make Ryuuko take her own kamui off rather than (as it were) taking them off of her himself. If Senketsu was the set of clothing that ate her mother, then that could be a reference to Evangelion in the same way that the way Junketsu is framed in the show hearkens back to Lilith. Could Senketsu’s personality secretly be Ryuuko’s mother? Its deep voice seems to disqualify itself, so who knows for sure?

The woman who believed people and clothing could be friends, devoured. Look at the guy on the right holding Tsugumu back, does he look familiar?

Kinue is the name of the woman who died. May be Ryuuko’s mother, may be related to Tsumugu. Also sounds weirdly similar to “kamui,” but perhaps that’s a coincidence?

An even crazier theory: the woman we believe is Satsuki’s mother isn’t actually her mother. Ryuuko and Satsuki are siblings, born to wear the kamui. The Matois and their compatriots are scientists creating powerful goku uniforms, while the Kiryuins provide them with funding (unless they are scientists as well?) When what is later known as Senketsu eats its test subject (Ryuuko’s mother) the Kiryuins withdraw their funding, steal the technology and leave to make their own kamui; the final result is powerful but maybe (for whatever reason) doesn’t quite measure up to the original. They also take Satsuki with them, in order to raise her as one of their own/use her as fodder to “complete” the kamui/whatever. Ryuuko’s father withdraws in disgrace, Nudist Beach is eventually formed, the Kiryuins ready themselves to unite the wasteland under their control…

The question, then, is who Ryuuko’s mother might be. If she’s related to Tsumugu, then her maiden name may be Kinagase (Tsumugu’s family name.) But another option, which would fit in with the theory above, is that her maiden name is Kiryuin. What if the marriage of Ryuuko’s mother and father united both that Matois and the Kiryuins, only to lead to their separation when Kinue died in Matoi’s experiment? This would mean, among other things, that Ryuuko and Satsuki would definitely be related by blood, at least by half. There’s no way to really know if this is the case, but it’s certainly an interesting theory going forward.

5. Who is Nui Harime?

Who indeed?

First seen in the preview for episode 11, Nui is probably the biggest unknown element right now in that she hasn’t appeared in the series at all up to this point. She’s also an indication that there are still a number of important players and concepts in this series that Nakashima and Imaishi haven’t bothered to reveal to us yet. I really have no idea how Nui fits into things, but as she seems to come from the “outside” I would guess that she is either part of Nudist Beach or an important figure from Kansai (assuming that’s even a thing.) You’d think her clothes are a little fancy for someone who’s part of an organization that has set itself against clothing, so Kansai it is! Assuming she doesn’t come from within the Kiryuin establishment (maybe Satsuki’s younger sister?), or from some group or organization we haven’t even heard of. Who really knows?

Actually, wait a second.

Note the hair and the shape of the dress.

The hair is curlier, but…

Could Nui be the woman with the scissor blade who Ryuuko is seeking? It would certainly give her a ready-made place in the narrative, maybe even as the woman orchestrating the events which led to the Naturals Election and Senketsu’s possible evolution into a monster. No matter how things go, it’ll be interesting to see how Nakashima and Imaishi choose to shake up the narrative in the next few weeks.



  1. I suspect that Kamui uniforms are naturally like Junketsu – savage, bestial, and driven to consume; I think Senketsu is different because he was infused with someone’s personality – specifically her that of her father, Isshin Matoi (note that Senketsu is “missing” the same eye as Isshin). I believe Isshin did so intentionally and was trying to let Ryuko know, that this was the final message he wanted to impart to her before she took off after the killer. I half-suspect Satsuki knows this – that she *is* the one who took the other half of the scissor-blade away – but that she did so in cooperation with Isshin, and that they were willing to take such extreme action in preparation to face a larger external threat (which appears to be what a number of factions are preparing for).

    Which I guess would mean that everything we’ve seen so far is a training arc.


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