All for One, One for All: Chihayafuru Episodes 15-25

As the Spring 2013 season of anime comes to a close and wendeego flies out to China for most of the Summer 2013 season, illegenes and gallifreyians are playing a little bit of catch-up with one of our dearest shows as well as trying out a new format: podcasts!


2 responses to “All for One, One for All: Chihayafuru Episodes 15-25

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  2. Great podcast! Clear direction and flow, you know what you want to say and say it well, I understand everything you say too! You do talk a lot though, Natasha. On the other hand, I could listen to your voice all day long, so I don’t mind! (Also, power to the left handed! It’s no accident that Shinobu is the same as us!)

    About Taichi, the crux of his character is his lack of confidence in himself and his abilities. As Arata said in episode one (I think?), he’s a “coward.” And everything he does in the series revolves around fighting this side of him, of which he is very conscious. I guess it can feel repetitive and limited to see him do this all the time, but they manage to make it feel varied even though he does seem pretty static in comparison to the other characters.

    I can’t say I’ve never thought about ChihayaXShinobu (I’m kinky like that too), but I think I prefer it to be subtextual. Plus, there’s already a love triangle, I don’t need to suffer for Shinobu as well!

    As of whether we’ll get a third season, I think the stinger at the end of episode 25 may be the creators telling us they’ll be back. At least they want to.

    So yeah, I’d like to hear more podcasts from you guys. This one really made me see some things about the show I hadn’t considered (I’m much more focused on the character interactions than the matches themselves – the comparison with battles encapsulates them very well.) and shows like Chihayafuru which are difficult to write about get to be discussed in a more laid back manner.


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