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Time for your slightly delayed dose of VALVRAVE. This week: call me Moses, for I shall move the school with the leadership skills I inherited from my parents (whatever that means.)

When we last left our heroes, L-Elf (one-man army) broke out of his holding place with nothing more than an errant screw and sheer human ingenuity. After taking out an entire army of people with traps he laid out in around fifteen minutes, he corners Haruto, model citizen, in the school building and asks him to make a contract with him and become a vampire mecha pilot thing. Meanwhile, shock! Terror! What will happen to the students now?

Remember to vote on which moment below was your favorite this episode! Even though it’s hard, because this episode was a doozy:

1. L-Elf’s condition for his “contract”: when you require my assistance, make a “V” sign with your fingers and join my cause.  What this V means, of course, is a mystery. Haruto appears to think of it as a peace sign, but it appears to have different associations in L-Elf’s mind. Could it mean something else?


I don’t even know what to say to you, L-elf. Don’t you at least watch Star Trek???

2. Shouko’s means of proving that she is to be trusted? Taking off the clothing on her upper body to demonstrate her fundamental truthfulness. Come on, Shouko, you’re a cool character and all but you didn’t have to go that far!

What on earth did your parents teach you??? I just….I..

Re: the entire show! But hey, we’re enjoying what we get.

3. In order to distract the leader of ARUS and his cronies, the student council president gets together with the rest of the students to sing the national anthem for them. Bonus points: the anthem is full of copious references to “shining” things, particularly the sun. Obviously this is symbolism for the Valvrave and the series’s sun motif, but I’m guessing this is just one more link between JIOR and today’s nation of Japan. If their school is now the country of the rising sun, is the Valvrave the new envoy of Japan?

Wow, this sounds like something directly out of Kingdom Hearts

4. Relatively minor, but deserved a mention: conveniently placed vents! No need for actual planning or weapons training, just make sure to fall in the right spot and you’ll knock out armored guards, guaranteed. Bonus points for the guy who picked up a weapon and was able to deal with the other guard  through sporadic fire without any training whatsoever. Hey, if learning to ride a motorcycle allows you to pilot a helicopter…the options are truly limitless.

Someone’s been playing a little too much Halo 4.

5. “Call me Moses,” the head of ARUS proclaims. We believe this scene speaks well enough for itself. (yes, gg didn’t invent this scene. yes, it was in the Crunchyroll subs as well)

Um. (Let me guess, you have giant statues of yourself back at where you come from). Parting the sea of studen- OH I GEDDIT

6. Haruto removing his school from the Dyson Sphere and rocketing it into space was possibly the most cathartic moment of the series thus far, and that’s saying a lot. But don’t Dyson Spheres run on solar power? By tearing the school’s panel from the sun and taking it away, aren’t they depriving the school of an energy source? Is the Valvrave some kind of solar generator or what?


7. Finally, Shouko is exposed as the daughter of the prime minister of JIOR. BOW DOWN.  Even L-Elf is reduced to laughing for the first time in many years. Thus far, despite its great entertainment value, Valvrave doesn’t have that many great characters per se. But now that the cast has liberated themselves from their apparent oppression, perhaps that will change! We will see.

We don’t know either, L-elf. We’re just as befuddled as you are.


Not a single vote of dissent! THIS IS HOW DEMOCRACY DIES, FOLKS

Our Japanese Idol Pilot Program is back! And she seems to have a certain taste in capable pilots, which leads to….

Silly Pilot, Valvrave is for kids!

Because getting shot should be the least of your fears!


Wait a second…what…

You can’t be serious??? Logic??? Strategizing???????

ELECTRIFYING BONUS CHALLENGE: Count the number of teachers who have appeared in Valvrave so far. I’m waiting!




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