Jormungand: Perfect Order (Season 2)

Jormungand Perfect Order - 24 [nograin][C51D004B]_Jan 13, 2013 11.33.38 AM

Well, what can I say? Koko is back, and she’s loco-er than ever. So is the show – and trust me, that’s a good thing.

To begin with, you could miss the first season of Jormungand and head on to Perfect Order. But you’d be missing the carefully nuanced relationships of Koko with her crew and Jonah, along with some of the episodic characters that make a comeback in the second season. You’d also be missing out on the big twist that takes up the first half of Order, so I’d highly recommend going back and watching those 12 episodes before heading onto this season.

That said, if the first season was monotonous, repetitive and lacking in depth – things I complained about in my review, Perfect Order erases all of those blemishes. Character development is abundant here, as the rest of Koko’s gang is given their history, with the exception of perhaps one or two characters. Koko is more aggressive and crazier than ever, taking bigger game and bigger dares. Whereas the first half of Jormungand focuses on the adventures of Koko and how her gang works, the second half focuses more on Koko and Jonah and their relationship as well as how they see the world around them. A good portion of Order focuses on Koko individually, and it leads up to one of the best climaxes I’ve seen all season. If you thought season 1 was boring and wanted more emotion and heart, look no further: you’ll find answers and depth here.

The animation and music are as solid as ever, but what really makes Perfect Order stand out is how well it improves on all the weaknesses of the first season. I can’t stress that enough, and without spoiling anything, the ending, while somewhat debatable, was personally the best ending of the year. It summed up the characterization, themes and ideals the show has carefully built up so far, and I haven’t watched something so ultimately satisfying in a while, as shows tend to be clumsy on their final performance. If you managed to get through Jormungand‘s somewhat tedious first season, Perfect Order is a treat and an award. Filled with brilliant performances, great twists, and solid entertainment, you’re bound to have a good time, whether it be from Koko’s devilish smiles, Jonah’s cluelessness when he tries to study, or the fast paced action paired with some awesome dubstep and guitar. The show has a mix of everything – action, drama, comedy, and the very rare fanservice – so in my book, it’s hard to not like. Whereas season 1 was a solid B/B-, Season 2 is no less than a B+/A-.

As a last note – I consider myself to be quite the feminist, so I’ll honestly remark here that Jormungand is one of the most well-done pieces of feminist work I’ve seen in anime in a while. With brilliant, intelligent, and fierce ladies that end up on every mark of the moral relativity scale, it manages to tell a story about how women can be empowered without men, and that’s a rare tale to find in media these days. For those who thirst for something other than the usual ‘strong female character’ or the ‘damsel in distress’, Jormungand is the show for you.


One response to “Jormungand: Perfect Order (Season 2)

  1. I adore loco Koko! I haven’t seen Perfect Order yet – two weeks to go until the blu-ray is released here in the UK – but your review has me looking forward to it even more! I really enjoyed the first season and the “fierce ladies” is one of the things I like most about Jormungand!


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