Twelve Days of Christmas; Day Nine

day 9

On the ninth day of Christmas, the fairies gave to me…

Nine naked giant robot pilots: Aquarion EVOL

(warning: not safe for work. at all.)

There’s a scene that everyone remembers from Shoji Kawamori’s 80s pop-mecha masterpiece SDF Macross where the two main characters, stranded in the maintenance section of an enormous spaceship, come up to a window to see a giant floating frozen tuna in space. There are of course many more memorable moments in the show, from babies serving as the ultimate symbol of culture to banal pop songs driving aliens into fits of rapture. But say the words “SPACE TUNA” to any fan of the show, and they will know exactly what you are talking about. They might even quote it back to you!

Aquarion EVOL is not as good as SDF Macross. But it does have the virtue of having a SPACE TUNA moment every single episode. The one following is so great I’m not sure if I can sum it up into words. So here’s some pictures instead. And while you take a look, listen to this.

Greatest moment of fan-service ever? If not for that scene in the last episode of Gunbuster, I’d say so.


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