Kid A(O); Eureka Seven AO: Episode 23


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The following is an actual message relayed from various Skype chats, proceeded by some commentary on the leakage of Episode 23 and 24 from BONES of Eureka Seven: AO. No animals were hurt in the process, and the events depicted in this post are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

wendeego: so, uh, Natahas [11/19/12 12:28:32 AM]
wendeego: *Natasha [11/19/12 12:28:37 AM]
wendeego: guess what [11/19/12 12:28:40 AM]
Natasha: what? [11/19/12 12:28:43 AM]
wendeego: you know AO right [11/19/12 12:28:47 AM]
Natasha: lol yeah [11/19/12 12:28:50 AM]
Natasha: two days from now! [11/19/12 12:28:50 AM]
wendeego: well the last two episodes [11/19/12 12:28:51 AM]
wendeego: were leaked [11/19/12 12:28:54 AM]
Natasha: wait [11/19/12 12:28:55 AM]
Natasha: what [11/19/12 12:28:57 AM]
wendeego: yeah [11/19/12 12:28:58 AM]
Natasha: seriously???? [11/19/12 12:29:00 AM]
wendeego: but they were taken down? [11/19/12 12:29:03 AM]
Natasha: NOOOOOO [11/19/12 12:29:03 AM]
wendeego: which is kind of crappy [11/19/12 12:29:06 AM]
wendeego: but [11/19/12 12:29:08 AM]
Natasha: D: [11/19/12 12:29:11 AM]
wendeego: I think I might have grabbed [11/19/12 12:29:12 AM]
wendeego: the last [11/19/12 12:29:14 AM]
wendeego: two [11/19/12 12:29:15 AM]
wendeego: episodes with the deleted scenes[11/19/12 12:29:16 AM]
Natasha: what [11/19/12 12:29:19 AM]
Natasha: WHAT [11/19/12 12:29:20 AM]
wendeego: before they were taken down [11/20/12 12:29:22 AM]
wendeego: so [11/20/12 12:29:24 AM]
Natasha: OMGGGGGG [11/20/12 12:29:25 AM]
wendeego: you want to watch > : D [11/20/12 12:29:29 AM]
Natasha: lskdjfsd [11/20/12 12:29:31 AM]
Natasha: of course i would [11/20/12 12:29:35 AM]
Natasha: can you send them to me rn? [11/20/12 12:29:39 AM]
wendeego: suuurreee [11/20/12 12:29:44 AM]
Natasha: !!!! this is amazing oh my god [11/20/12 12:29:47 AM]
Natasha: bless u

Previously, on Eureka Seven: AO.

“TARUUUUTHAAAAA!!!” Ao yelled, waving his Quartz gun toward the ghastly figure connected to the large mecha. OMAI WO…”

Truth laughed maliciously, and accelerated forward. “Come at me, AO BRO!”

“Mom….Elena…Fleur, everyone…I’m so sorry.”Ao closed his eyes and pressed the trigger to his Gun, releasing a large blue beam at Truth; at the same time, thousands of Scub Bursts burst from the sky, spiraling downward and creating a massive rainbow colored light of destruction. White light burned the insides of Ao’s eyelids, and suddenly, everything faded to black as he crashed…


“I can’t believe this shit,” Renton moaned, leaning back on his pilot seat in his Nirvash. They were heading at the speed of light through time and into the past, with all the Seven Swell lights to guide their way. For the most part, it would have been a comfortable ride, but Renton had forgotten that physics still apply in the universe of Eureka Seven, and that it would take him approximately 2 more hours to reach the final destination.

If I had only brought my porn magazines, he thought to himself. After all, Eureka’s been out for several years now and I’ve really lost my sex driveah, whatever, I’m sure there are going to be other distractions back in the past, now that I have to revive my dead wife-

“Dead wife?” he wondered out aloud. Eureka was gone, no doubt, but she was very much alive. Why would he even think that she was dead?

Because you have to merge your dead wife’s soul into the EVA, a voice spoke in his mind. Renton grimaced and attempted to facepalm, but found that instead of hitting his forehead, his hand had hit a pair of glasses – not the original I’M TOO COOL FOR A TYPICAL MECHA GENRE™ Sunglasses he thought it was wearing – on his face instead.

“Nirvash, what the fuck is going on? I know you want to play around, but dress up time is not the way to do it.” he called out, yanking the glasses off. At once, his vision blurred, and the controls in front of him became nothing but fuzzy lights and colors. Furious and confused, Renton slapped them back on, waiting for any sign or signal from his beloved giant robot.

Nirvash did not respond.

Renton bit his lip in anxiety. Something was wrong. Terribly wrong. Had time-space been distorted? He was sure that the Seven Swells would lead him to his dead love for sure.

“She’s not dead, goddammit,” he spoke to himself. But the temptation was too tough to resist. Renton found his inner consciousness fading away, like someone was slowly tuning the radio to a new channel, a better channel….

Sighing, Renton felt the urge to place his hands together in front of his face almost as if he were pondering. There wasn’t enough time to panic. They only had 2 hours and if he was going to make humanity progress to Coralianstrumentality and revive his dead wife in the process, he had to make a plan, and fast.


I can’t run away. I can’t run away. I can’t run away.

The voice was annoying Ao, but he had no choice to listen; they were being said in his voice, in his mind.  Groaning, he lifted himself up from the ground and opened his eyes.

He seemed to have arrived on a beach, covered with white sand and seashells. To the side, the sound of the tide of waves rushed forth and drew back. Except the water was not a sparkling blue – the blue he had come to love and adore as a child and share with Naru – but a blood red. Ao widened his eyes in horror and scuffled back a few inches, only to hit something solid and topple over it: a body.

“Ow,” Truth moaned, rubbing his eyes and pushing back his silver bangs. “Jeez, Baka, that hurt.”

“T-truth??” Ao was shocked, and then felt himself blush. “What on earth are you doing here? You were supposed to be dead. Since well, I killed you. Or well, I thought I killed you.”

More importantly, why do you have grey hair and look so attractive, was what he really wanted to ask, but Ao kept his mouth shut. He knew better than to ask such stupid questions at a time like this. Instead, Ao pouted and tried to pull himself up, but before he could do anything, Truth pushed him back down on the sand and leaned forward, his face inches away from Ao’s; he could even hear him breathing.

“Save your questions for later. Now….we have time to ourselves,” he whispered, tracing Ao’s jawline with his finger. Ao couldn’t tell if he was shuddering from horror or pleasure. This isn’t right, someone said in his head. He’s my enemy! I’m supposed to kill him! He’s the last Angel!

..Angel…. his mind drifted as Truth grew closer, his lips parting open. It didn’t matter what Truth was! As long as he could stay with him. As long as they were best friends 5eva. As long as they could ride into the sunset, and Truth would always be at his side, murmuring “As you wish.” Ao felt himself go even redder and something burning within him; he moved forward as well, closing his eyes, about to place his lips on his –

“HOLD. THE . FUCK. UP, BITCHES.” was the only first thing Ao heard before being pushed back by a pair of hands that seemed vaguely familiar. He looked up, dazed, and his eyes came to rest on sleek, red, hair and a set of dazzling, but very angry, eyes.

“Fleur,” he winced. “How the hell did you get here?”

“BY MECHA, DUMBASS.” She stuck her tongue out at him; Ao wasn’t sure if she was joking or not. “More importantly, what the fuck do you think you two are both doing?” Fleur kicked Ao squarely in the chest and he fell flat to the ground again. “This is a PG fanfi- I mean, translation of the goddamn script. Also, I am pretty sure our audience doesn’t come for the yaois. That’s for later. We now-” she waved her hand in the opposite direction, toward the red waves, “have a bigger problem.”

“That…is…..right,” a soft voice came from behind her. “We aren’t Shinsekai Yori Episode 8. Save….your…sexytimez….for later.” Elena’s blue hair and round, white face seemed almost angelic in the warm sunset. As it is, Ao could hardly breathe anyways – he was pretty sure his lungs were knocked flat by baka Fleur.

“Hmph,” Truth scoffed, brushing the sand off his shoulders. “Whatever. So what are we supposed to do anyways? And what’s the big deal here? As I see it, this was meant to happen. It was unmei. It was our fa-”

“Shut up, asshole,” Fleur rolled her eyes and kicked Truth again, before turning back to Ao. “I’ll let Naru explain,” she said. “She saved me from totally losing myself, in this weird body. I have to admit, it’s pretty hot, but…we’ll er, yeah..” she finished lamely, turning to the other side of the beach. Ao’s eyes followed her’s and then he saw it: Naru.


“NARUUU,” he called  as he ran toward her, doki doki sparkles suddenly appearing and shining everywhere around them, “I’m so glad you’re safe, I was so worried…”

For a moment, Naru looked almost at ease, as if she would accept him and hold him in her arms as they made out on the beach. It would have been the perfect romantic relief for a time like this when everyone was stressed out and had no idea what was going on, since Hideaki Anno and his works did not exist in the world of Eureka Seven (which is an utter shame). Ao opened his arms wide, seeking embrace…..

…only to get smacked in the face with a Friendzoning sign.

“How about not,” Naru raised an eyebrow as Ao fell to the ground for the upteenth time. “Ex-boyfriend. I’m not dumb, I saw what you and Truth were doing.”

Tears leaked out of Ao’s eyes. He was a useless good for nothing after all, wasn’t he? Couldn’t do anything by himself. Waves of manangst flooded inside him and he felt the temptation to cry and whine for more than 3 episodes, or roughly an hour. Instead, he pushed it back, and swallowed the taste of angry mantears and defeat.

A hand patted him on the shoulder; Ao was more than familiar with the weight of it. “How come you look the same, Naru?” Truth pulled Ao up to his feet again, only to pull a confused face. Look the same? Ao wondered as well what Truth was trying to say. It’s not like the show could handle more confusing events already. Yuichi Kato already had too many things on his mind.

“I look the same because I remain unaffected by the time-space events that happened when Ao pulled the trigger, as a way of Kato forgiving me for playing a minor role in this show instead of the main one like I was promised,” she said. “You all, however….the events have been catastrophic. You’ve all been merged with your parallel universe selves, from the world of Evangelion.”

“Eva-what?” Ao asked, almost wanting to laugh. The idea sounded insane. Naru was surely joking, just bitter because Truth was a better romantic partner than her. “Naru, c’mon, lay it off already…”

“I’m not joking, Ao. Currently your mindset has been merged with that of Shinji Ikari, a teenager from Evangelion. Just like Elena has been merged with Ayanami Rei, and Fleur with Asuka Langley Sou. Truth has also been affected, more severely than the rest; he’s now Kaworu Nagisa.”

Everyone kept silent. The words sounded ridiculous, but somewhere, Ao felt that Naru could not be joking. Panic swept through him and suddenly the atmosphere felt very cold. Licking his dry lips, he asked: “So….what do we do?”

“The answer to that is quite simple,” Naru shrugged, wriggling her toes in the sand. “You have to find your true self. You have to….accept your father, Ao. Accept who he truly is.”

The wail came out of Ao’s mouth before anyone could say anything. It could be rated as one of the best “NOOOOs” in the entire world, next to the infamous Darth Vader’s, and the hilarious Michael Scott from The Office. So emotionally overwhelming and powerful was it, that Yuichi Kato had to lay down his pen and take a break, before heading off to write the final bit of Episode 23 and 24.

“I can’t do that. I don’t even know who he is,” Ao mumbled, tears leaking out of his eyelids. Truth had slid his arms up inside Ao’s suit, trying to warm him and calm him at the same time. Fleur nearly had kicked the both of them, but Naru had stopped her, shaking her head.

“He’s on his way, you idiot,” Fleur had said, before storming off to find her EVA. “Apparently your Quartz gun did more than just merge our mindsets, it also turned the entire human population to a giant red ocean and sent your father here.”

“Well shit,” Ao cursed, and turned to Elena. “What do I do? I can’t just forgive him for never accepting me as a good son.”

“You….must….prove yourself….worthy to him…” she said quietly. “Battle….him….head on….with your EVA….I know…you..can….do….it…you fool…” And then, just like that, she scurried off with Fleur.

Well, those two were helpful as my semi-harem, Ao thought, now stomping his foot into the sand. Everything was lost. He was hopeless. Hopeless hopeless hopeless….and just like that, as if on an alarm, the I can’t run away mantra began to repeat in his head. Jesus fuck, this Shinji dude, whoever he was, was annoying.

“You can do this, Ao,” Naru looked at him straight in the eye, and patted him on the back. “I know you can. I believe in you. Even after you totally misunderstood my love and sister zoned me. And failed to find me for a consistent 20 episodes.”

“I’m here too, Aooooo,” Truth whispered in his ear, and Ao blushed. He was (not) alone. He could do this. Stepping forward, and pushing back all the tears that were flooding his eyes, he slowly walked to find his EVA and prepare for a massive deus ex machina confrontation.




“YOU CAN’T BE MY FATHER!!” Ao yelled at the Gendo-look alike, throwing clumps of sand at his face.

“I agree to challenge you to an EVA battle then, my son,” Renton smirked, knowing that fate was truly on his side. Humanity had already taken the final step toward Coralianinstrumentality. It was time to bring back his beloved Eureka once and for all.



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