Just Wor[K] that Body, Work that Body; K Episode 5

GET WILD AND LOSE YO’ MIND (quite literally)

This week’s Slam Jam perfectly accompanies the battle between Reishi and Misaki, so check it out while you read the rest of the review!

illegenes: Just when I thought I was going to get bored with K, it pulls some delightful surprises from its deep, blue sleeves. (Yes, I may be referring to how Kuroh actually has a stitching kit inside his sleeves.)

Just as I predicted, K this week became much more memorable than the previous installment, as we get to focus on different group antics and more importantly, the rivalry between HOMRA and SCEPTER, who both absolutely fail as detectives (but hey! We have awesome technology so what does it really matter) and are perfect people for a shakespearean comedy. What I mean of course, is the entire angsty battle between Reishi and Misaki, which ended up becoming more hilarious than I thought it would be. So much for Reiki being the ~cool headed glasses dude~ we see in anime all the time, because that whole bit made me realize how unstable he really is. It’s also around the same time that our overtly sexualized Seri comes to save the day by butting in (literally) and telling the two to stop fighting. Funny how the only two ladies are in this show are the ones that end up becoming my favorite characters.

In all honesty though, Reishi became my least-liked character of the show the minute he decided it was ‘okay’ to chloroform a high schooler (these are high schoolers, right?) and rob her of her ID to find out if Shiro was in the system. The guy has no regards for anyone but himself and has a broken moral compass. I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll be the main antagonist for the ‘SCEPTER VS HOMRA’ arc while Shiro and Kuroh’s arc will have a different antagonist. Now that he can wield both red and blue powers – I was half expecting him to actually turn out with purple powers – he’s on a completely different level and something tells me that Mikoto is the only guy who can handle him. It also makes me wonder if the reason why Reishi left HOMRA was because he wanted to become King and attain a higher status.  We still don’t know how the King labelling system works, but I have a definite feeling that it’s based on the previous King’s choice, and if that’s true, it would mean that Reishi and Mikoto had a reason to be close, and to hate each other at the same time. Mikoto was probably chosen over Reishi, which led to his betrayal and becoming the Blue King on his own.

[insert dramatic GASP! sound here]

Despite all this, the scene was comedy gold. Apparently name-calling is the coolest way to provoke someone, so hearing Reishi enunciate Misaki’s name three times was perfect. That, combined with Misaki’s die-hard loyalty, which could easily be mistaken as something endearing and heartfelt, just felt so cliche to me that I couldn’t help but laugh. Not that I don’t like Misaki though – he’s an interesting skateboarder, but frankly, that’s really all to him that’s interesting: he can skateboard. But when you have a fight that takes a good while to start because our actors have to be dramatic and throw colorful (you see what I did there?) taunts at each other for rather ridiculous reasons (BETRAYAL!!!), you’ve verged onto comedic territory here, not the ‘good drama’ one.


And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.

At the same time, we have Shiro who is as mysterious since Episode 1, with his ability to erase or manipulate people’s memories. Whether this is deliberate or not is still the question, but it does mean that Shiro does have a power, assuming he’s the one doing it in the first place (see: mysterious dancing European aristocracy folk from the previous episode). It did leave me surprised, which is saying something considering how unoriginal K has been, but my main issue isn’t how it’s going to be resolved. It’s the fact that it will be resolved, because it’s been 5 episodes so far and yet nothing has really progressed. Yes, we’ve established that Shiro is the future Colorless King who was a psychopathic killer on a rooftop, and Kuroh was a loyal follower to the previous Colorless King, but have we actually progressed in terms of finding out why the tape was recorded? Or why Shiro was up there that night? Or why he lost his memories? I mean K does have a plot here, regardless of whether we care about it or not, and I’d like for that to be focused on a little more. However, I still really enjoyed this episode! K if anything, has proven that it can consistently surprise and become enjoyable, even if everything else about it is rather inconsistent. I just hope it has the capability of following up with all of these leads, because it would truly be sad for K to lose that charm with even more lazy storytelling, as Wendeego shall show you now.

wendeego: Today we are going to talk about chuunibyou.

Man, it’s you again! Think you can fuck with me? I, Lv67 SKATEBOARD UBERMENSCH?

I can do whatever I like, for I am THE MOTHERLESS BARON OF SILENCE. Isn’t that right…MI…SA….KIIIIII~

I’ll use my GOD MASTER SKATEBOARD to crush you into a pulp, feeder on the snot of the weak!

Then I will use my LIGHTSABER to erode a hole in your pathetic SUB-ZERO CATHODE FORCE FIELD!

That’s not a LIGHTSABER you dipshit! That’s a KATANA! And my GOD MASTER SKATEBOARD’s alternate form is a KATANA CANCELLER! Now you will never defeat me!

Now it’s time for EVASION BREAKDANCING!?!?!

What the fuck man? Attacking people while they’re charging a special attack is against the rules!

Ha ha, you didn’t know? I gave up my left kidney to use both KNIVES and LIGHTSABERS at once! Now I am exempt from the rules! I AM GOD!


You two! Stop this senseless and facile bickering, mewling kittens wearing adorable socks!


Ohhhhh shit just got real yo! SHIT JUST GOT REAL


2 responses to “Just Wor[K] that Body, Work that Body; K Episode 5

  1. Tbh K is the only show I have been watching that you have reviewed so I might comment of these a lot haha
    ANYWAYS~ one thing that it seems that you have confused is that SCEPTER4’s glass-wearing dude in this episode was Fushimi Saruhiko and not actually the Blue King, Reisi. The character designers of K failed miserably in this because tbh they look almost identical. If not for Saruhiko’s glasses and VA I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.


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