You [K]now What’s Next; K Episode 4


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illegenes: K certainly is a queer creature; from one moment to the next , it swerves from borderline aloofness to downright earnest reflection. Last week’s episode was the latter, and this week is the former. So far, we’ve had things range from a cat chase to a very serious conversation in the cell, with things like GIANT SWORDS IN THE SKY to naked cat girls! The question is, which one suits more? I personally would have to say I’ve enjoyed K‘s antics more than I’ve enjoyed exposition dumps, because the thing is that this show is aware of how ridiculous and anime it really is. It’s that quality that separates it from being unbearable to enjoyable for me, so I’d like to see more of that in the later episodes.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This week we had more blue! Homosexual undertones! An intriguing cliffhanger and more Shiro goofiness! While I was sad that unlike the previous episodes, this one focused more on Shiro and Kuroh’s relationship, I was pleased that there was a sense of continuity and unity in terms of thematic elements. Shiro strives to prove his innocence, Kuroh struggles to deal with this new King, and we actually get to see more of Shiro’s classmate, Kukuri, as Shiro, Kuroh, and Neko team up to interact at school. While this makes for some great comedy, it also strengthens the relationship between these three, which I think will be needed in the upcoming episodes when hell breaks loose and all Seven Color Squads come after Shiro. I also really enjoyed how Shiro tried to prove his innocence, though the actual concept of him proving himself worthy was sort of a gimmick and came out as nothing but clumsy to me. I mean, really now? Just happening to have a picture of Shiro on your phone at the time and not even thinking about it before? I don’t hold too many expectations for K but even then, that was some shoddy writing.

Well, isn’t that mighty convenient.

The cliffhanger (which I totally called!…not that it was clear or anything) does bring up the question I’ve been asking since Episode 1: Who is Shiro? I mean obviously the guy’s had his memory tampered with, and the ‘who’ and ‘why’ are still yet to be answered, but I’m still very interested in how this guy actually works. He’s carefree, he can be a bit sarcastic and persuasive when need to be, and he’s very maneuverable. While the last scene proves that he’s genuinely like this and that there’s no reason to doubt his good heart and nature, it only makes me wonder how Shiro became such a good person. Who took care of him after his memory was erased? Does he have any memories of his life? Is this a Blood+ thing all over again? I’d like for these sorts of issues to be looked at, but once again, this is  and most things are sadly (but still enjoyably) at face value. At the same time, I find myself being more interested in the secondary characters than the main ones – Neko is a delight to watch, and I’m fascinated with the conflict between HOMRA and SCEPTER and Mikoto and Reishi’s history. I still thoroughly enjoy Shiro and Kuroh’s relationship, but right now it’s too borderline on vague and unsubstantial/cliche for me and thus it’s rather dull compared to the other potentially interesting character groups we have on this show right now.

But luckily for me, next week looks like we’re going back to the plot so hopefully we’ll see something more than just Shiro and Kuroh fighting over suspicions (and their love for each other). At this point we’re nearly halfway done with K and have little to actually work with in terms of main plot, but then again, this is K we’re talking about. It can fix any sort of problem with BLUE and GHIBLICAT so…I shouldn’t be…too concerned, right? Right?

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, wendeego was too busy finishing his copy of Pokemon White to contribute to this review. On the bright side, a kind blogger on the internet volunteered to fill in for him. Please welcome prescient_panda!

prescient_panda: Greetings. Today we are going to talk about K, and a worrying trend found among anime fangirls everywhere. I hope that this review will prove edifying and informative.

Many of the people who have been watching K have been reveling in supposed BL fanservice. Well, I will tell you that this is a misunderstanding. K has no BL at all.

What you fail to realize is that friendships among Japanese boys are far deeper and more complex than any equivalent you might find in the United States of America.

Here, Shiro is merely joking around when he refers to Kuroh as his “wife.” He does not mean it. There is no BL.

Again the fangirls are wrong. “Wife” is merely an endearing term. There are no sexual feelings here. High school boys in Japan say this all the time. It is normal.

Obsessing over BL obscures the true message of the show. That is, that K is a profound and sagacious tale about the true nature of reality.

The red and blue colors obviously stand for Red Pill and Blue Pill, an obvious homage to the Wachowski’s masterpiece The Matrix. This is meant to evoke “shadows” of Plato’s Republic.

Why anyone would focus instead on BL, I cannot understand. Do you not know that you are missing out on something thoroughly meaningful?

On a more positive note, I hope that next episode we shall see pure and unsullied love between schoolgirls! Until then, my disciple, I bid you farewell.

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One response to “You [K]now What’s Next; K Episode 4

  1. Judging by the most recent episode, there is a reason to why Kukuri had forgotten about the photo of Shiro on her phone… but some things still don’t make sense, so it might just be shoddy writing like you said


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