(For today’s recommendation, we have plenty of goodies! First, we’d ask you to replace the original K OP  with this video.

You can then Slam Jam with this week’s tune as you read the rest of the review. Have a kjammin’ time!)

illegenes: K has been many things: wild, ridiculous, colorful, blue, a fujoshi’s wet dream, but never serious. However, this episode changes all of that, as it becomes apparent that this is a show that knows exactly how crazy and anime it really is. Knowing this, I can say that the rest of K will be a lot easier for me to comfortably and enjoyably follow.

But really now, when was the last time you saw an episode deal with no real plot development and head straight for a hectic Baccano– styled chase? Nearly half of the episode was just Shiro, Black Dog, and Magical Kitten running after each other. “Talk about random,” you say, but I disagree. It’s not like K doesn’t have a clue that it only has twelve episodes to spare though – on the contrary, I find that it’s purposely misleading us into this slice of life comfort zone to prepare us for some more intense and rather whimsical plot details later on. The scene itself was rather amusing and contained well, not being too long to bore me out, or being too short for it to be a mere contrivance.

But more than that, the entire episode was carefully nuanced, giving details about our protagonists and the sort of world K lives in.What I find fascinating is that K is literally about the city life, showing no hints of the places outside. Everything that happens in the city stays in the city. Not only that, but the setting itself is so vibrant and alive. Each panning screenshot shows a place that’s diverse with life and culture: from the rundown stands, to the smoothly running train system, to the mass amounts of crowds walking across the roads. K’s cityscape captivates you; it draws you in, hook line and sinker, drowning you with its blues and greens and rich detail. But the setting of K doesn’t just function on a visual level – this episode proved that our city is breathing in response to ‘HOMRA’ or the organization led by the Red King. Unlike most fantasy stories, our Superhero Kings and their gangs don’t live in secret; they work in broad daylight, in front of an audience. Civilians pass by these magical fights like it’s everyday life. People even make jokes of the fact that HOMRA is a group made up of teenagers. It’s these small details that make K have a little more depth than it appears to.

Setting isn’t the only alley K ventures into; there are also plenty of surprises when it comes to our cast. It was fantastic having Shiro trick our Black Dog and escaping – I expected that he would be nothing more than a weak, simple-minded and ‘innocent’ protagonist who just happened to be at the wrong place (or wear the wrong face) at the wrong time. I’m glad to say that he’s a manipulative little “cutie pie” who not only is free spirited but smartK isn’t about pretty boys who just like to fight and sparkle after all! At the same time, as Wendeego will explain later in this post, our Cat Girl – aptly named Neko – is more than just shiny fanservice. She can do all sorts of tricks! Neko is more than just a mere device – she’s pure entertainment, and this is coming from a feminist who loathes random naked girls. So.

Does all this mean that this week’s episode – named Kitten for obvious reasons – was still relatively useless? Of course not! It was a thrill. Not only did we gain some understanding of how “HOMRA” works and how it’s perceived by the rest of the city, or get a little fun Tom and Jerry ride as our heroes chase each other from school to the apartment, but we also gained some subtle development on the main characters and how they’re a bit different than being the stereotypes we’ve seen before. K indulges itself, and why shouldn’t it? It knows its boundaries, it knows how to play, and frankly, it doesn’t care what the rest of us think. It slowly culminates the chaos it creates, boils it in a cooker and lets it explode in whatever direction it likes. If that’s not Kool, I’m not sure what is. Let’s just make sure the Slam KJamming continues and doesn’t go out of hand, shall we?

wendeego: Today we are going to talk about cats.

A cat is a small, furry and frequently adorable mammal.

Contrary to expectations, they do not scare easily.

Popular fictional cats include Garfield, Puss in Boots and Doraemon. There are also cat girls, but were aren’t going to go there.

It’s tempting to think of cats as people, but remember: they will forever and always be cats. I don’t think they would rather have it any other way, personally.

They have a tendency to go where their hearts take them, but don’t worry: they usually come back. Usually.

It’s also important to note that—oh my god, GHIBLICAT


Alright, you know what? That’s it, I give in. There are no words for this.

You win, K. My black and cynical heart has been melted. Happy?

Today’s lesson: underestimate cats at your peril.

And thus, we end off with our new K ED. We hope you enjoyed this post.



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