Bringin’ Back the Loco; Jormungand: Perfect Order Episode 13

Can we talk about how excited I am for Jormungand to be back in my life? Because I’m excited. Really excited.

Fall Season has been nothing full of surprises (and some disappointments) – from the interesting Shinsekai to the fact that Litchi was just a 2 minute short, I’ve felt like what I’ve seen so far has been more or less, a mixed bag. So with all of these twists and turns, it’s nice to know that one show has stayed the same: after 3 months, Jormungand has returned to our screen, and man, it feels good.

Starting with the fantastic OP, which definitely gives the feel that Koko’s team is actually made up of individuals rather than just cardboard cutouts, Jormungand dives straight into plot material, giving us little time to breathe. There was an Episode 0 that was a recap, so if you watched that, I guess you were prepared. Luckily for me, the first season is still fresh in my mind so I was able to keep up pretty easily (for those who haven’t watched it yet though, I’d suggest doing a brief refresher and looking through some of the old posts before reading this one!). We’re back several months from where Season 1 ended: R has kept up his role as a double agent, while Karen has exacted some of her revenge on Valmet, only to lose purpose in her life and end up settling on the streets in Africa. Koko has been on a roll, launching many of the satellites planned out by her father to slowly take over the transport business of everything, or as most of the audience sees it, world domination, while R continues to try to find a way to take Koko down, as part of Operation Undershaft.

We also see some older faces: Dr. Minami (still obsessed with butterflies, I presume), Scarecrow, and Chief Black, as well a new one in particular – the sexy, malicious and devious Hex, who seems to be a thorn in Koko’s life. I’m interested to see what’s made Hex so bent on killing Koko in the cruelest of ways, though the idea itself isn’t necessarily surprising – a girl like Koko is quick to make enemies when she’s so good at what she does. But if this first episode showed anything, it was how a wolf like Koko is surrounded by even more dangerous wolves: Operation Undershaft has more than one mastermind to it, and with Hex on the loose, Koko’s time of happiness and celebration will be short-lived. There are literally enemies everywhere she walks. This definitely sets the second season of Jormungand to be something a little edgier and more exciting than last season, which focused on being episodic rather than a major arc.

But as we all know, Koko is, well, Koko. She’s not just the star of Jormungand (or actually the Jormungand herself) but the very heart of it: her character has always been fascinating to look and analyze. Even in this episode, there are still little bits of information to be gleaned from, as we go back to the big question: What is a Queen without her People? Koko is no doubt, powerful. Elusive, charming and sly at the same time, she can be one’s greatest friend, or worst foe. But where does Koko’s power truly come from? Her men (and her woman). Whereas many traders or dealers have disposable teams, Koko’s gang is indisposable. Last season set this fact straight for us, but it’s Perfect Order where this greatest strength turns into Koko’s only weakness, as one of her teammates is a traitor. It’s all the more frightening, really, as we, the audience, can only watch through Jonah’s innocent eyes as the seed that was sown last season begins to grow and takes root, eventually creating a great amount of damage to our beloved team. Koko’s greatest fear is not turning into a monster. It’s losing the team she has so carefully chosen and grown up with, and that’s where the power of Season 2 is going to kick in: when bonds are broken and trust is destroyed.

But if there’s one thing we’ve learnt from Season 1, it’s that Koko’s a force to be reckoned with, and not to be underestimated. Something tells me that she may already have an underlying suspicion about R despite everything, and has greater plans of retaliation against Operation Undershaft and Hex, as seen with the satellites project being completed and her secret discussion with Dr. Minami. Koko is Loco, and her unpredictability is what makes her all the more interesting and dangerous, and Jormugungand all the more entertaining. Better sit back and buckle your seatbelts – it looks like we’re in for one heck of a ride.

Enjoyment Level: 9/10

*As far as titles/numbering goes, even Jormungand has labelled this the thirteenth episode; however, to separate the two seasons I’m adding PO into the title.



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