An EVA-ntful Special; Eureka Seven: AO Episode 19

illegenes: If last week’s episode was supposed to clear things up, then it did a poor job in comparison to this one. My head feels a lot less foggier now, with information sorted out and answers being revealed. Nevertheless, we still have a lot of questions left to go, and only two or four more episodes to do it. Can we still trust BONES? Fear not! We have the tools to equip you so you can mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for what’s to come. Or rather, Wendeego has compiled a nice list of comparisons that kind of sets up what AO might have in store for you in the upcoming weeks.

wendeego: I was going to write a blog post on this episode, but then I just decided to make this handy dandy comparison chart instead.


  • Quartz (the mysterious McGuffin) is ADAM (the mysterious McGuffin.)
  • The End (which is probably buried under a large building) is LILITH (which is probably buried under a large building.)
  • The Quartz Gun (world-changing superweapon) is The Lance of Longinus (world-changing superweapon.)
  • Ao (young boy who rises to become a legend) is Shinji (young boy who rises to become a legend.)
  • Naru (mysterious girl with alien powers) is Rei (mysterious girl with alien powers.)
  • Truth (alien figure betrayed by the organization he works for) is Kaworu (alien figure betrayed by the organization he works for.)
  • I’d guess that Elena and Fleur are bits and pieces of Asuka, mixed with a bit of Rei in Elena’s case.
  • Ivica (caring boss figure with a scary exterior) is a combination of Misato (caring boss figure) and Gendo (boss figure with a scary exterior.)
  • Cristophe is definitely Gendo. I would guess that Renton is too!
  • Eureka (mother vanished away by fate) is Yui (mother vanished away by fate.)
  • Nirvash (all-powerful robot around which the fate of the universe resides) is Unit-01 (all-powerful robot around which the fate of humanity resides.)

The last few episodes will probably involve the Allied Forces besieging Generation Bleu headquarters (the JSDF invading NERV headquarters) as Naru (Rei) ushers in CORALIANSTRUMENTALITY (INSTRUMENTALITY.) Ao will be forced to intervene with the Quartz Gun. Who’s willing to bet that the last scene of the series will be set on a beach?

That said, here’s why Neon Genesis Evangelion is a very, very different show from Eureka Seven AO. The former was a primarily character-driven story, centering around Shinji, his friends and family, and the decision that he finally makes in Episode 26/End. The latter is a plot-driven conspiracy thriller with elements of time travel. Not to be confused with Rebuild of Evangelion, a plot-driven conspiracy thriller with (rumored) elements of time travel. Still with me here?

The point is that I’m part of the crowd who believes that despite everything, Evangelion was able to squeak through the convolutions of its ending through grounding itself in its protagonist’s psyche. The original E7, curiously enough, did the same thing. But at this point, AO is so busy trying to tie up its various plot threads that I’m frankly scared for it. It’s pulled a handful of interesting twists on the old formula so far–see Truth realizing himself to be nothing more than an overpowered but ultimately useless pawn–but in order to pull a satisfying ending, BONES is going to need more plotting jujitsu than they’ve ever been capable of, even on their good days. Time will tell whether AO is a complex and ambitious success or a hastily-plotted failure , but I’m betting that whatever we end up with will be interesting, at the very least.

illegenes: Tools and comparisons set aside, I still enjoyed this episode. It seems that out theories thought out so far was proven correct: Truth was a Secret that turned into a human after fighting Eureka, Elena is from the other side, and Naru and Truth have different paths! Not only that, but we finally get what our ‘sides’ are in this battle. Naru votes for Coralianstrumentality, Truth votes for ‘changing the sekai’ and Ao….doesn’t really know where he stands, but is on Team ‘I wanna meet my mom’. I was once again confused by the sudden character development – or what the show tried to tackle on as character development – of Truth, who spent a good chunk of the episode theorizing about his very nature of beng. The good thing is that this was all thrown to the side with the fact that Naru and the Coralians (sounds like a band name, doesn’t it) ended up using Truth for their own gains. In other words? They ultimately planned to give Ao the Quartz weapon in the first place. Which is a bit odd considering how Truth was the one to give Naru “wings”, but it seems like she grew in power and foresight when she became Coralian-ish. To be quite honest, I would feel sorry for Truth, except he’s spent the entire show being nothing but a Magical Boy with Unnecessary Godlike Powers, so I laughed a little when he started crying. But like I said, misplaced character development.

Boo hoo.

Despite the whimsical execution of Truth’s feelings (at least my prediction of his philosophy talk was somewhat right), I have to say that Christophe’s death really hit me right in the heart. I’m a huge sucker for mentor/parental relationships, and while Christophe wasn’t developed too much, he definitely had enough time for me to emotionally connect with him on some level. His death seemed to tie back into the once-familiar theme of how the children and love would save the world in this show and thus felt like it was delivered properly. All the more unfortunate that the show hasn’t delved back into that topic, because if anything, the show would probably be a little more coherent rather than all over the place, as it’s been lately. Even more unfortunate is the fact that Christophe’s plans don’t work, as seen in the preview, with Truth somehow being able to escape a Fusion Burst. A Fusion Burst!!! You know what? I changed my mind – I’m starting to see Truth as less of a Magical Boy and more of a mosquito who just won’t go away.

So now we have to ask ourselves – what’s next? Generation Bleu is in ruins. The Scub Corals are still activating everywhere. The Secrets are planning one last stand/attack. The Quartz Gun still isn’t complete. Naru still hasn’t changed her strange dress and cosplay horns, and Ao still hasn’t found a proper love interest! But sure, all of this is going to be explained in due time. We look back at Wendeego’s chart; if timed properly, this show will return to our red seas and beaches for a final confrontation against Truth and/or Naru, only to somehow merge the questions of Eureka’s timeline and pull a cameo by Renton. Maybe there will be movie revealed at the end: End of Ao. Time can only tell. All I can say for sure is that we’re in for a ride, and that we better hold onto those panic buttons we had last week – we might be needing them again….

*Bonus points for this episode: despite being so bitter against her father, Fleur was smart enough to see through Truth’s plan and even point a gun at him! Nicely done, girl.

**we would be sorry about the whimsical nature of our posts in the past few weeks, but we’re not really, considering how strange AO seems to have gotten. (FYI: we still love this show.)

Enjoyment Level: EVA/10


3 responses to “An EVA-ntful Special; Eureka Seven: AO Episode 19

  1. @Wendeego: Whooaaa nice work! I love that chart especially the nod at theEND? Fufufu I can’t say much, but yeah…soon…anyway! Yeah Christophe/Renton as Gendo? Perfect! I wonder if you could throw Ivica into the mix as well and Elena aka Rei is great! Fleur reminds me more of an “Asuka” type in some ways well her “dislike” of her father sort of works only time will tell what Bones decides to do with this series…

    @illegenes: Yeah Truth is getting bad! I mean he discovered that he was a secret? AHAHAHA WE ALREADY KNEW THAT! Also did he forget when his arms like uh transformed when he fought Eureka and Ao? I guess that “amnesia” is hitting him hard right now? I have to agree with your thoughts on Christophe and his death was alright I just did not feel the impact of his death because we didn’t get to see much of him besides whenever Fleur was angry at him.

    YES! Good job Fleur! I was kind of shocked during that scene like WHOA DAMN GIRL Did you just bust a cap in your fathers head and chest? Also she is deadly with a gun yo! Ao better not piss her off xD

    Ep20 was great! I look forward to reading your thoughts you two keep up the good work <3

    • Yeah, it looks like Fleur is very much an Asuka type. That curled-up position she was in in the next episode was telling!

      Hopefully Eureka Seven AO will turn out to be more than Evangelion with a Eureka Seven skin. As much as I enjoy criticizing this series, I still haven’t given up!

      • @Wendeego: Yeaaaah I totally forgot about that part with Fleur…true about Eva and Ao! There are lots of similar things, but I hope Bones gives us something entertaining to look back on and go YES! Eureka Seven Ao was a success!

        A few seasons ago there were plenty of fans out there that kept putting Guilty Crown right up against Code Geass because those two series have a lot in common as well xD


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