An Endless Stream of Battles; Saint Seiya: Omega Episodes 13-15

I’ve decided to do my Saint Seiya posts in threes/fours rather than just one review per episode, as there’s not enough to write about it and I don’t want to write the same thing week after week when the show is following a very generic arc and plot. As it is, the show seems be going for a long run… we’ll see. But right now, let’s take a look at what’s happening to our Cosmos-filled Heroes.

Episode 13 officially starts on a new arc with a new stylish opening; we’ve been introduced to our cast, and now it’s time to get the ball rolling. This arc so far hasn’t been too shabby but I’m far more concerned about Saoiri than the ‘new’ Athena who just seems to be a damsel in distress.  Despite all of this, we do get some good answers- it seems that Mars is trying to remain in control of the twelve Zodiac temples, which he gives to his daughter and son, Sonya and….wait for it…Eden. Our angsty obnoxious green haired Saint is back, giving more pout faces than ever! Hooray. On the other hand, Kouga and his gang are still carrying Aria to safety when a ridiculous Saint known as Fly Musca tries to fight them off and fails. Just another faceless villain that the Saints manage to beat when using teamwork. This show is repetitive indeed….luckily, despite being worn out, a message in the stars read out to our heroes, telling them not to give up on themselves and Athena. Like they were going to anyways, Seiya, these are teenagers who think they can save the world. Forget about limitless Cosmos- they have limitless optimism and naivety and youth!

Episode 14 is where things get more interesting when we finally get the much needed backstory on Yuna, which is revealed a little shabbily. Sonya turns out to be a lot more interesting than I thought though; she has a particular Azula vibe to her, with her assertiveness and need for dominance. Even she doesn’t truth Yuna’s mentor, who has turned with the other Silver Saints; a trait that is in her favor, as Pavlin (or so she’s called) of course turns against Mars and ends up protecting Yuna at the very end. This doesn’t happen before Pavlin and Yuna get into a very fierce and windy fight which results in Yuna’s past being revealed. It turns out that Yuna was an orphan poor child who could only steal bread, but had the ability to read the stars- an ability that intrigued Pavlin, and so she took Yuna in and raised her to become a Saint. A bit of mind trickery goes down, as it turns out that Pavlin apparently joined Mars’ forces knowing of his deceit and false claims, and only went to fight Yuna to see if she still upheld the Saints’ laws and faith. Still, this episode held some great character construction for Yuna- she obviously shows natural talent but also a very strong will to fight, both which combine and help her defeat a Silver Saint. Not even Kouga has accomplished that (yet). Yuna’s compassion, her stability of mind, and her focused and unwavering strength make her possibly the best Saint in Kouga’s group, though that’s no surprise. I’m happy that she’s being showed as something more than just “the female’ in a male-led group where Aria is nothing more than just a damsel used to progress the plot and make Kouga some appealing hero.

Episode 15 continues with the return of Ichi, the older Seiya who was incapable of using his Element, as we saw in the previous episodes. What’s nice about Ichi is that he’s not a ‘definitive’ bad or good person; he’s just frustrated with his inability to release his Cosmos and thus tries to make himself look mightier than the others.  But this all takes a turn for the worse when…our gang…walks right into his trap, and he reveals himself to be slightly stronger than before. He’s still no match for our Saints, after ridiculously revealing his weakest point in battle- his claws’ poison. Some angsty scene goes down where Ichi laments about always being left behind, which is why he wanted to go against the Seiyas in the first place. Ironically, at this point Ichi has more development to him than most of our dismal cast, who are pulling tricks and strategies out of nowhere.  Haruto gets his own crystal- something I believe that  will ‘level up’ our heroes to prepare them for what lies ahead.

What does lie ahead though? We haven’t really gotten any questions answered regarding Athen and Mars’ plans, except for the reveal that Eden is Mars’ son. Other than that, our heroes are still pretty two dimensional and optimistic. I do like that they’ve been growing closer together as a team due to all of these fights, as they’ve had to work together and use each other’s strengths and weaknesses as an advantage to win the battle. Despite this, Kouga is still really quite the annoying protagonist with his unyielding enthusiasm and optimism. The rest of the gang isn’t actually all that bad in comparison.  What I’m personally waiting for is the day Kouga gets kicked down, hard, in order to realize that he’s not the world’s mightiest hero as everyone (and this show) thinks he is. Will that day come soon? I certainly hope so….oh heroes, please burn all the Cosmos in your hearts so you can get some character growth!

Enjoyment Level: 6/10



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