Welcome Home; Eureka Seven: AO Episode 12

AO just keeps getting better and better as answers are possibly revealed, only to give way to a major breakthrough that sets up a darker and more serious tone for the second half.

I can applaud AO for being packed with as much energy as it is with questions to the point where despite being confusing, it’s also highly addictive. Considering that last episode and this one were written by Sho Aikawa, it’s enough to say that the past two weeks have been really engaging, both to the eye and to the mind. We start off with an unexpected surprise: the return of Naru, who happens to be sitting comfortably on a Scub Burst. Naru seems well- more than well, as it turns out that she’s able to breathe properly around Scub Bursts because there is a Scub Burst growing in her lung. Apparently Truth is something similar, as shown later when he was the child of a famous (but apparently hogwash) scientist who probably got experimented on with the Scub Bursts. Either way, the two seem to have gotten close- too close, as Naru says that Truth is a kind person as he blatantly massacres the Brazilian people who were in charge of maintaining the Scub Burst (Yeah, what a nice dude, Naru). I’m not sure if she’s been brainwashed or if she’s just ridiculously unaware of her surroundings. Or maybe she has seen the Truth; just one side of it.

Meanwhile, Ao and his team are being sent to outer space to go deposit Quartz that have been collected. I’m still confused by the terminology of this show; we understand that Quartz are perhaps the ‘heart’ of a Scub Burst or can be found in them and fuel the IFOs, but other than that, we don’t know much about them. Nevertheless, everyone seems pretty happy about the journey, except Ivica, who seems to harbor some grudge against packaged drinks and food.

I feel you, Ivica.

We’re also introduced to two new characters: “Mama” and a dark skinned IFO pilot. Mama harbors a somewhat shady interest in Ao, when all is revealed that Ao is actually an alien and has the ability to see trapar particles. I’m not really sure why everyone is so shocked by this message considering that we’ve discussed it well before, but I am glad that Ao seems to handle the identity issue well enough. He’s been made fun of it for the past so he’s obviously gotten some tougher skin when being called an outsider. What the main issue is what Ivica and Generation Bleu had been really hiding from Ao: that Scub Bursts seem to be a portal into another world, as it was Eureka who came out of one when the first one appeared, and the one that Ao instigated in the first episode. That, along with the issue that Ao ‘rides’ his Nirvash through these trapar waves, which don’t exist in outer space, creates a pretty tense atmosphere.

The fun really starts when the Secret appears, this time a sort of Jack in the Box figure that has the ability of ‘shutting’ Ao inside, but luckily he defeats it pretty easily and everything seems ever so smooth until ‘Nice Guy’ Truth comes in, manipulates the satellite, and shoots the Scub Burst onto a new vector path. “Am I nice?” he asks, and I’m itching to slap my laptop screen in frustration and roll my eyes. Truth is really starting to get on my nerves. Despite his trolling, Naru somehow awkwardly saves the day by vanishing- my hypothesis is that she did a ‘transfer’- and manipulates the Scub Burst from Brazil to the Scub Burst in outer space to create a hole. Ao goes inside and is shocked to find that there’s another Nirvash and a rather familiarly shaped ship inside….

(Eureka Seven fans, rejoice.)

OH BOY. Well. That’s one heck of a ride. NIRVASH TYPE 0 and Gekko smoothly take Ao back to the planet’s surface, and our favorite heroine is back. The problem is, she doesn’t remember Ao, or doesn’t even seem to recognize him. I could offer a possibility that she just doesn’t recognize her son with aqua green hair, all grown up, but combining the preview for next week’s episode,  I’m definitely sure that this isn’t Ao’s “Eureka” or at least, not his Eureka yet. Whereas I speculated that Ao’s timeline and universe were an alternate one from the original’s a while back, this episode has me guessing that we are in an alternate universe- a universe where something has gone wrong, where the actual timeline is ‘faster’ than Eureka Seven‘s universe. Eureka was able to get through here via the Zone, or Scub Bursts, but the Eureka we see now is a younger version of the one who had fallen and given birth to Ao. Is there a possible time loop going on? I don’t know. It seems that next week is where we’ll really get our answers, and to tell you the truth: it’s about time. The first half of Eureka Seven AO has been set, and now it’s time for a very serious second half to begin (along with a new OP from FLOW!) All things considered, this show has been doing really solid so far for me. Now, can it give me the answers we’ve all been waiting for, with just the same amount of energy it’s been using to raise those questions in the past? We can only hope. There’s no doubt in my mind though, that this is going to be one heck of a ride. It’s time to buckle up those seatbelts, folks.

Note: I’m also not sure why it took me 3 months to understand it, but the fact that every episode title is referenced to an actual song title is interesting to me. Is it for any particular reason? I’m not sure. All I know so far is that I’m pretty bad when it comes to music culture references, it seems….at least  I got it right on The Rolling Stones for next week.

Enjoyment Level: 9/10


7 responses to “Welcome Home; Eureka Seven: AO Episode 12

  1. Yeah, makes you wonder why Naru didn’t care about those massacred soldiers, doesn’t it? Seems to me that’s a bit of a conundrum. Naru’s allied with Truth but as far as we’ve seen, she isn’t a bad person. Why wouldn’t she be freaking out about all those deaths?

    Thought: Truth is the Neo to the Earth’s Matrix. As far as he’s concerned, none of the people he is killing are real. Naru believes him. Therefore, Truth’s totally capable of slaughtering an entire squad of people without flinching, and Naru doesn’t blink either. Could also explain why he’s so incredibly overpowered: he’s totally capable of destroying everybody else because he’s the only “true” one, and everybody else is false.

    Alternatively, Truth is just a total psychopath and has brainwashed Naru to do his bidding. Or he’s an alien creature at war with human stupidity and considers himself as such. Or maybe, even though he’s so convinced that he is “the Truth” and the answer to everything, the situation is more complex than he believes after all?

    Of course, this is Eureka Seven we are talking about and so the answers to everything stand a good chance of being hand-waved or vaguely explained. Oh well :\

    • You’ve got a good point there! After this week’s episode, I can definitely say that the “truth” that both Naru and Truth are objectively trying to obtain, or spread throughout the world isn’t the typical sort of ‘world domination’ trope that we see often in shounen genre. That combined with these time loops and possibly, alternate universes, show me that the ‘truth’ is multifaceted and layered. It definitely has to do with the Scub Coral and the Secrets, but my main concern is why Naru and Truth- who seem hell bent on a certain goal- are clashing against Eureka, who seems to have the same opinion as them. As I said, the truth is multi-faceted, so could it be that the truth these two are trying to spread is only one side of the truth after all? Or is it Eureka who’s the naive one? I really hope AO can answer these questions solidly and leave no space for plot holes, but I might be asking for a little too much….

  2. Yeah I found it strange how Generation Blue has been keeping all the information on Eureka hidden, but deep down I think they are using Ao because he can see the trapar waves and he has been defeating secrets with no problems. And now with this new Mama character who kept calling him an alien? That felt a bit strange to me and I figured she was going to try and take Ao away from team Pied Piper just for some time of “experiment”

    Yeah there is something special with the scub coral beams of light! I assume they act as gateways allowing travel in between worlds? One thing is certain you need a Nirvosh machine to make that jump possible because Truth really wants to get his hands on one! So I think we are dealing with some time loop with Eureka and according to Joe animated she was pregnant so you have that….

    LOL The secret was hilarious this week a snake monster morphed into a jack in the box! Ao destoryed that thing in record time of course, but I wonder if Naru had something to do with Eureka arriving? It does look like she has this new power…oh and Truth killing all those people and then Naru calls him kind? Ahahahah I laughed so hard at that.

    I will wrap this up with OMG GEKKO STATE SHIP! AHHHHH!! That moment damn…I watched it over and over again it was just full of awesome and now we wait for the 2nd half + new OP/ED? YES!

    • I’m fascinated by the political maneuvering that’s been going on in the AO-verse, with regards to Okinawa/Japan/other Nations/Generation Bleu and how that’s playing out because if you do think about it, Generation Bleu is an NGO with access to the only machines who are capable of fighting the Secrets. I’m surprised no one has been able to create IFOs of their own, which means that Bleu must have really high funds and connections via the Director or they just have superb defenses/contracts. That and the fact that Generation Bleu also serves as a sort of city makes me wonder about what type of organization Bleu really is. I don’t think Bleu is all bad, I just think that the Director is really shady about what he wants and why he wants it.

      Yeah the nature of the Scub Bursts are really interesting! And you have a good point there- perhaps it’s only the Nirvash which is capable of travelling through universes? And I totally see that as a baby bump, not just…a round belly…Truth is really starting to get on my nerves as well, he’s just one massive overpowered villain who asks the most ridiculous questions and annoys me. Hopefully we’ll get some answers next episode!


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