Nazo No Kanojo X

I’ve watched a lot of anime in my life, and I’ve seen some weird things. Cats that can talk, flying pizza, using hair as a weapon….but this show? Stick this up there as one of the weirdest, most bizarre shows I’ve ever seen. Welcome to Nazo no Kanojo X (or known as Mysterious Girlfriend  X), a show about your regular couple who….get intimate not by sexual activity, but by sharing drool.

Yeah, you heard that right. Still want something to eat?

Nazo no Kanojo X focuses on Akira Tsubaki, a 17 year old who is pretty much your typical teenage male. He likes girls and he wants to have a girlfriend. The wheel of fate turns then, when Mikoto Urabe comes into the picture. Unlike any girl Tsubaki has met or fallen for, Urabe is…weird. Despite her bizzare nature of sleeping during lunch, laughing randomly during class, and having a scissor in her panty to use for defensive purposes, Tsubaki falls for her, and takes her spit. Such is the beginning of a mysterious,

MGX was the perfect balance between wanting to be weirded and grossed out by the rather odd comedy and having sincere feelings for the two that are at the heart at the show. While on the surface, it’s a comedy and a slice of life about two horny high schoolers who do some odd things together, underneath lies some a mature take on how relationships are handled. While most anime focus on the two people trying to actually confess to one another, this show focuses on the aftermath. What happens after two people admit their love for each other? This show explores that in a very sexual manner, despite not actually being about sex; something I really admire when we live in a world where we often associate a romantic relationship with a sexual one. The symbolism starts from the very beginning, with the lemons (a pun for ‘lemon anime’ but also the bittersweet fruit that releases a large amount of saliva) and continues with the weird dreams and even the scissors themselves (also pigs?). The main tie between Tsubaki and Urabe though, is the spit-sharing routine that is more intimate than sex itself. In what ways? I’ll let you find out.

Stepping away from the themes that drive this show, Nazo no Kanojo X also features a small cast- exclusive to probably 5 or 6 people max- but focuses on the two main characters. The others do a good job of supporting the plot and making Tsubaki and Urabe’s relationship progress, so it’s not truly necessary to look at them as separate characters that stand out on their own. The show is ultimately about Tsubaki and Urabe and doesn’t try to hide this purpose. For them, the character development is abundant, though subtle. Tsubaki and Urabe develop in their own, emotional ways that still make them accessible and really worth caring about. To sum up: if you’re looking for a romcom that features traditional romcom elements, this is not the show for you. MGX is a subversion of these exact elements but doesn’t suffer from it. On the contrary, that’s one of its strongest points. It’s as show about bold themes, bold relationships, for bold people- so if you have an easily queasy stomach, this might not be the show for you. But if you’re tired of the usual generic shoujo romantic shows, this might just be the cure for you.


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