A Mysterious Pair; Nazo no Kanojo X Episode 13

Surprisingly, the finale of MGX doesn’t devote itself entirely to the center of Tsubaki and Urabe’s relationship, but rather the peripherals of it, and ends on a heartwarming and almost bittersweet note.

I didn’t expect the last episode to be dealing with Tsubaki’s familial relationships, especially regarding his mother and his sister. It is a nice touch because we never really knew much about Tsubaki’s family, but I felt like the show was much more devoted to exploring the bizarre and comedic aspects of Tsubaki and Urabe’s relationship. Nevertheless, I felt like I got a satisfying conclusion, because despite straying away from the usual format of an episode in this story, Nazo no Kanojo X really put heart at Urabe and Tsubaki’s love. Whereas the manga progresses slowly and the relationship inches forward every other month or so, it’s here in this anime that you can see a progression in these two’s love. Urabe has slowly opened herself up emotionally and it’s this episode where you see how much the audience has grown to cherish these two despite all the quirky things they’ve come across in the past 12 episodes.

The episode opens up to Urabe actually bumping into Tsubaki’s sister, who is an actual sweetheart. That aside, the two talk about how  Tsubaki’s sister had a boyfriend and even attended the same school Urabe and Tsubaki did, but because of long distance after graduation, she and her boyfriend grew apart and don’t talk much anymore. While Tsubaki’s sister doesn’t seem hurt or emotionally compromised in giving out this information, it’s Urabe who becomes really serious and takes this story to heart. She’s not one to display emotions on her face easily (especially when her bangs are covering half of her face most of the time) but in her silence and posture you can really tell that she’s also concerned about her relationship with Tsubaki. It’s to the point where she even tells the sister that she wants to meet up with her again and get to know her better. Talk about being bold and confrontational!

We then get a lovely scene where Tsubaki’s family comes to the mom’s grave to pray and give their thanks. It’s a nice touch because we never knew much about Tsubaki’s family. I didn’t even think his dad was alive, but it’s shown that he is so I guess he’s just out of the house most of the time, like Urabe’s parents are? Considering that Urabe’s parents are still very much alive (I wonder how they deal with their daughter’s odd behavior, to be honest) Urabe also becomes concerned when Tsubaki mentions about how his mother died when he was very young. It seems like Urabe takes family as an important issue, because she then goes on a bolder note and asks Tsubaki to meet her at his mother’s grave. Even Tsubaki is surprised by this request, though he agrees as usual. For him, family doesn’t seem to be much of a big deal, considering that he doesn’t even think much about the loss of his mother. Tsubaki is a relatively easy going guy, but I was struck by how much he can let things go and keep moving forward in his life. That same optimism can be seen as cluelessness, and I think that’s the trait that Urabe loves and is attached to the most.

Urabe and Tsubaki go to the grave and in an unusual moment of frankness, honesty and simplicity, Urabe asks Tsubaki if they can exchange spits- kind of like a marriage vow in front of their mom. It goes to show how much Urabe really takes their relationships seriously, despite seeming to not to care so much on the surface. I think it’s this action that really hits me in the gut as to how much these two have progressed since the beginning of the show. It may not be the progression that the audience expected, but there has been solid development and it’s only until now that we really see the results. Urabe has become more frank about her feelings, and more upfront toward Tsubaki in confronting them. Tsubaki has become somewhat more confident and accepting of Urabe and behavior and accepts her for who she is and loves her for it. Call me a sentimental shipper, but I was really happy to see them share each other’s spit (as gross as that sounds) and Tsubaki for the first time is allowed to take spit from Urabe’s mouth. Urabe starts to cry but it’s not out of love or anything- it’s the repressed feelings Tsubaki had for his mother when she died. Even now, the spit sharing technique is really what solidifies the bonds between these two and makes them understand each other on a whole new level- as well as understanding themselves. Tsubaki may not remember it, but he missed his mom- and still misses her to this day. In that aspect, the two are alike in bottling up a lot of their feels but using each other to let them out.

The color change from light blue to magenta pink demonstrates the passion of their relationship, of their….spit.

In a heartwarming moment then, our couple walks off into the distance (still not holding hands, I see). Tsubaki comments on Urabe’s bold actions and Urabe turns- a bright smile on her face, eyes sparkling- and replies, “We’ll be doing even more bolder things in the future.” Take that as you will, as you have done all throughout this season, reader, but I think it’s just the beginning of a weirder, crazier, mind boggling, but very romantic relationship between Akira Tsubaki and Mikoto Urabe; something I hope gets to be seen in another season or at least in the manga. What a wonderful conclusion.

I’ve seen people saying that Urabe and Tsubaki’s relationship is not to last- who could expect such a weird couple to stay together? I personally disagree. It’s because they’re so strange together that it works. If anything, this show has a realistic take and stance on relationships underneath all the fanservice, erotic symbolism, and comedic oddities. Urabe and Tsubaki complete each other- there’s no one else who would better suit them. No one is more sincere and understanding toward Urabe than Tsubaki, and no one is more mysterious, enchanting and romantically satisfying as Urabe. They open each other up to new feelings, new understandings and learn more about each other and themselves along the road, encountering hardships but overcoming them together.  And I’m going to miss this show, because it’s not often you see such a well constructed pairing that lasts after the two get together. It’s been such an enjoyable and emotional ride, and while the chances are slim, I hope this show gets the second season it deserves-and I mean, it really deserves it.

Enjoyment Level: 10/10

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