The Final Battle; Zetman Episodes 12-13

Author’s Note: I’m currently down with a high fever, so some of my reviews along with our Summer Thoughts will be on hold for just a bit, sorry!

Zetman concludes….awkwardly, I have to admit. So much was lacking in episode 12 I just decided to combine both together and see if that would make a decent post, but even then, it seems like more is missing in this show than in it. Episode 12, similar to Episode 11, kind of interrogates the question of “what is justice?” now seen from Jin’s perspective, but still answers that poorly. All Jin does is continue to show like he doesn’t care, when ironically, it’s really Kouga who goes off the hook and shoots his own parents, without even shedding a tear or two. That might have been interesting to watch had we actually gotten any sort of buildup to Kouga breaking down, but this show has always been lacking in character development, so that goes over my head along with the rest of these random shenanigans the show is pulling.

And boy, it’s a lot. So many plot points are just….dropped. The “Sweepers” or whatever their names are, for example- their purpose and connection to the organization isn’t even explained, nor is the Master’s true intents of heading the organization in the first place. The entire episode felt so out of place and choppy-even the kiss between Hanako and Jin was just..awkward if anything. I felt like I was watching a show where scenes were cut up and glued in poorly and randomly in a lame attempt to create a massive climax. While the show is heading toward an anime original ending, it lacks any sort of finesse I would have seen from the creators of Tiger and Bunny (I know I keep pulling this string, but it just shocks me that when that show was so good with originality, something like this is being created by the same people!). The worst part is that the show’s trump card- pulling out that Hanako is actually a Player (though she may not be conscious that she’s the Sand Killer Player) feels….just amusing, if anything. I can’t take this show seriously at all.

The finale takes it to emotional dramatics- Haitani taunts Jin to kill his ‘bitch’ girlfriend (which he obviously doesn’t, so Kouga does it for him). Kouga doesn’t once again, feel any remorse for what he does- he’s so lost in his ideals that whatever he is doing is right, that Haitani also takes advantage of that also and pits him against Jin, who is emotionally traumatized. Out of these two, I have to say that if anything, I feel a lot more for Jin than Kouga- while I do agree that Kouga’s subversion of becoming a hero is interesting whereas Jin has kind of remained more or less the same, Kouga’s subversion was so sporadic and random that it really doesn’t seem interesting to me or speak much about his character. Either way- Haitani’s plan doesn’t work to an extent as Jin still goes after him instead of Kouga, but even as Haitani dies, his wish is fulfilled. The Charisma is initiated….only for Jin to just break it before losing himself and killing Kouga. Kouga finally (sort of) regains his senses and returns to Amagi Corps, still firm in his Justice and remaining as an Alpha, whereas Jin takes to the shadows and fights against the Players, using his own ‘sense’ of justice, avoiding Kouga and the organization and leaving us with a very….Dark Knight sort of dialogue (“he fights in the shadows!”)

The finale was almost underwhelming for me with Haitani and Hanako dying so easily and Jin and Kouga’s battle being so shorthanded. It was as rushed as other parts of the show for me, but if there’s one thing I can admire, it’s that Kouga’s justice was once again subverted as he found the ‘right’ path- or is it? Jin’s ending was also to be expected. I was disappointed that once again, the finale refused to expand upon the other characters’ endings and how they lived, but when has the show ever done that? In terms of what I expected….it wasn’t so bad. Then again, my expecation for the ending wasn’t great in the first place, but I do have to hand it to you- Zetman definitely had a drive from beginning to end. Now whether it was handled well or not is the true question….

Enjoyment Level: 6/10



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