To Be A Dragon; Jormungand Episode 10

Koko sure has a way of finishing off her enemies, in style.

Not only was this episode a clear demonstration of Koko’s power- both in terms of tactics and in brute force- but it gave us some lovely characterization to our Princess as well. Episode 10 starts where we left off last time- the Balkan Dragon’s forces are easily mowed down by Koko’s elite gang. Pretty much everyone falls except for the Dragan himself, who runs away taking the previous NGO’s doctor as hostage. Koko knows better though. We all know at this point that this woman always has something up her sleeve, and surprisingly, she orders Jonah not to shoot the crazy dude despite him having a clear shot. Jonah’s not just confused about her motives but also her concern for him: she does speak in riddles, but it’s clear that even Koko has moral boundaries in her business, and despite knowing that Jonah is a child soldier, she tells him that too much killing will make a kid like him ‘go blunt.’

Speaking of business, Koko turns out to manipulate the scenes according to her own interests. She purposely lets Balkan Dragan on the loose as a nice way of earning some hard cash- from her lovely nemesis, Scarecrow. Meanwhile, she also happens to rescue the Doctor, and take down the rest of Dragan’s forces using a simple plane and her perfect crew. Mao’s so called ‘plain’ background as a simple army guy who got fired comes into great use here as it’s he who suggests that they use the cannons to wipe out Dragan and his crew. It works pretty well, and the ribbon is tied when Scarecrow frustratingly accepts her bargain and captures Dragan.

All and all, it’s a great conclusion but the most wonderful part is when the female doctor leader tells Koko that she too, is a Dragon, who hunts Dragons down. It’s an interesting parallel to the statement Koko said before: that they’re clearly on the Devil’s side and know it. Koko laughs at this and it’s hard to tell if she’s saddened, angered or really happy by that comment (as it is, Koko’s quite the fox to figure out) but what piques my interest is the fact that Koko really is a Dragon. She takes what she needs, and doesn’t get afraid to let loose in the battlefield; she is a morally dubious queen amongst a war torn field of business, and with a background like that, you’ve got to have a shielded, cruel heart. Is that to say that the Balkan Dragan and Koko are alike? No. Koko clearly has rules and abides by them, whereas most of the other Dragons let loose and go on a wild rampage. Koko has not forgotten her human tongue, but turns it into her greatest weapon rather than just breathing fire- manipulating everything so she can get her way, as seen in this episode. It’s not ‘right’, but it works, and that’s good enough for her and her team. “The end justifies the means” goes halfway for her, and that’s exactly why her team admires her- she gets results, but never goes overboard. She tramples but does not boast. If anything, Koko isn’t just a Dragon- she is a snake, with the silverest tongue I have seen.

Next week seems to deal with Valmet’s arc, properly this time, so count me in as excited! It’s time we get some solid, great background to our wonderful, elite crew, no?

Enjoyment Level: 8.5/10


2 responses to “To Be A Dragon; Jormungand Episode 10

  1. Yeah I noticed the censoring (at least it wasn’t as bad as Blood C’s, nothing can be as bad as Blood C’s censoring) I still haven’t watched today’s episode- ugh, I’m so behind, just when I was about to catch up a fever struck in but hopefully I’ll get caught up by the end of this week! Koko is such a delight to watch and I love morally dubious queens, it’s just one of my favorite things in TV and Koko does it so well. I’m equally excited to see how Valmet’s past is handled too!

  2. the Balkan Dragon’s forces are easily mowed down by Koko’s elite gang- Hell yeah! It was so bad they had to use cleaver camera angles to “censor” those guys getting owned by all those arrows…I did laugh how Koko basically gave Balkan away as a prize afterwards for Scarecrow! So hilarious watching their interactions together even if they were not in the same room.

    Koko is a great character and I agree! She is no where near as messed up as Balkan and I couldn’t help but grin at Koko and Jonah were acting like “dragons” at the end of the episode together. I think I love this series because Koko is always a freaking trip!

    Ooooh yes! Finally some backstory on Valmet’s true past! That should be very interesting.


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