Burning Brighter Than Ever; Saint Seiya: Omega Episodes 10-12

Last batch post after Nazo no Kanojo X, I promise!

Saint Seiya has finally gotten toward a darker edge as our heroes, who have fled from Palaestra which succumbed to the Dark Forces of Mars and his…evil minions, including the president who’s a Gold Saint. Episode 10 takes us right back where we started- with our fellow Saints on the run, determining what to do. That doesn’t take so much time to figure out though, as Kouga easily says it: to rescue the turquoise haired girl who possessed great amounts of Cosmos and was kidnapped for Mars’ evil purposes. And it shows- Mars uses this girl (who we know as Aria, as found out later in this episode) to bring up the Tower of Babylon as his sort of kingdom. Not only is he using it as a prison for Aria, but as it turns out, he’s also using it to store all the Cosmos he’s been collecting from the Saints. While Kouga and his group create a distraction so that Kouga and Yuna (a good pairing; Yuna proves as a worthy teammate as she prevents Kouga from getting into trouble) save Aria from her prison. It works, but at a price: yet another Gold Saint is revealed to be on Mars’ side, and Mars himself intrudes as the group runs away, smashing everyone and almost Kouga into dust until- oh, could it be? Seiya appears….

It’s a good cliffhanger, no doubt, but it’s still a deus ex machina that’s poorly executed as Kouga still hasn’t changed one bit. He is like his Cosmos-he has raw potential, but he just can’t use it properly. Luckily though, he has good companions- the team certainly acted like one this episode, which was a nice touch because frankly, they’re not going to make it alive in this sort of world without sticking together. One thing that I’m certainly curious about though, is how all these Gold Saints have been following Mars. Is it perhaps out of an immense desire for power that cannot be satisfied with being a top notch Gold Saint? Or is there something more going on here?

Episode 11 and 12 then deal with the aftermath, but only rush into more complications. Seiya successfully wards off Mars which allows the group to properly escape with Aria. All seems safe until Silver Saints start attacking them. If the fact that the Gold Saints had been pairing up with Mars was fishy enough, the fact that Silver Saints are also attacking on behalf of Mars is strange enough to me. There’s clearly something going on here, and the fact that Mars sends a Seiya- Miguel, a hunting dog of sort, to find the group makes me think that there’s a bigger issue here which needs clarifying. Aria takes the group to the Runes, where apparently lies the key to destroying Babel and Mars himself, but even then, that’s a mystery too (along with all the other mysteries clouding this show). The worst tactic though, is the group splitting up, leaving Ryuho and Haruto to fend for themselves and keep the forces at bay while Souma, Yuna, Kouga and Aria leave to find the Wind Runes.

This obviously doesn’t work well as Miguel finds them anyways, but Miguel nevertheless says one thing that does intrigue me. “Bronze is synonymous with naivety,” which to me sounds like the Bronze Saints are unaware of the larger issues at hand dealing with the Silver and Golden Saints being in league with Mars. This on one hand may be because everyone does think Aria is Athena, but even then, why follow Mars when he is their sworn enemy? Things are not adding up…

Andromeda Shun comes to the rescue (man, it’s either that Kouga can save himself or needs some massive Cosmos wielding pro to save him these days- it’s a trope that’s getting old) when Kouga is about to get smashed by Miguel. Even Miguel is surprised to see him, and runs away at the sight of him. Turns out that Shun is a comrade of Ryuho, a doctor who can heal pretty well, and knows about Saori san. Not only that, but he also fought alongside Seiya when Mars first appeared (before the show). Turns out he’s been adversely affected by that last battle between Mars and Seiya, and darkness is consuming his body- much like Saori was consumed by the darkness that plagued her body. Every time Shun uses his Cosmos, the darkness eats a little more at his self. It’s a sad story (but also ironic considering that Miguel runs away- if he had fought, Shun would have easily lost!) Miguel even more ironically, listens in on their conversation and comes back to fight. But with Kouga and Ryuho healed, it’s not such an easy battle, and together, they manage to successfully defeat Miguel once and for all. Ryuho decides to stay back to get better with Shun, but Kouga goes back to finding his other friends again. His Cosmos is enough to inspire Shun that all hope isn’t lost- just that it’s in the hands of a young, brash and very youthful kid who still can’t manage to utilize his Cosmos properly and rushes into every battle with limitless enthusiasm and optimism!!!

I’m still enjoying this show with its somewhat lovable characters and a plot that could potentially become more interesting, but man can it get cliche at times. Hopefully…eventually….Kouga will learn something along the way. Hopefully.

Enjoyment Level: 7/10


2 responses to “Burning Brighter Than Ever; Saint Seiya: Omega Episodes 10-12

  1. I have only seen up to episode five I think, but I think the start is pretty much character introductions right? Anyway the artwork / heartcatch precure character designs really got me interested in this new Saint Seiya! Maybe I should give it another go? I did enjoy the battles in those few episodes ahahah guess I should throw this on my need to watch list for a rainy day in summer? Ooooh yes.

    • It’s not bad! I mean, it’s ridiculously generic but there’s still something endearing about it to me that makes me not want to stop. :) As for proper character introductions, yes, the first 8 or so episodes fleshes out the main protagonist cast, but we have yet to see background history (though we see peeks of it here and there). I’d give it a try and see how it turns out for you!


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