Raising the Stakes; Zetman Episode 10-11

I’m not sure what’s really going on here, but apparently, someone decided to press the “Shit just got real” button. Hard.

*Note: I usually don’t do two-episodes-in-one-post but since I’m a bit behind and also because I’m find Zetman kind of hard to talk about, this will be the last double whammy post, sorry about that!

It’s no surprise that Jirou has turned out to be the typical faceless villain of this story. He obviously has something against Amagi Corp in order to go this far as to get his so called ‘revenge’ but if anything, he makes the plot seem….ridiculous. And it is! Even more to be expected, he’s just another puppet of Haitani who is certainly deemed as the “main antagonist” of this show int his episode. On the other hand, I certainly didn’t expect yet another test for Kouga, who seems quite as innocent and naive as usual. While this test was slightly different than the first one, it ended with a similar result. Nice to know you’ve changed, oh hero who believes in pure justice. Likewise, he show displays its…maturity with a very toned down sex scene between Jin and Konoha, at Akemi’s place, which to me would be pretty awkward? But it’s nice to know that Jin isn’t the emo anti-hero aka Sasuke-fied character in this show- he’s opened up a bit and so far it hasn’t done him too much bad. I was really disappointed that Akemi didn’t play a bigger role in the episode- having her back felt nice but having her do nothing felt ridiculous. The twist at the end with Hayami betraying everyone would have been nice except, I already saw it coming. This show is so unsurprising it’s getting boring to talk about! Show me something refreshing for once, no?

If Episode 10 deals with leveling the scales of the situation but  making it an utter mess, Episode 11…only takes it to a grander level. I’m frustrated that I’m not emotionally invested in any of the characters as I should be, because frankly, Zetman does have a very compelling plot that has potential for growth and development. The problem, as I’ve said before, was when the studio decided to compress the arcs- and as a result, compressed any sort of development to the characters that would have made them more accessible and interesting to the audience. Kouga remains childish as ever, while Jin is your mysterious, brooding protagonist. The girls are still being used as props and hardly get the showtime they deserve. It was nice to see Kouga lose his kind smile and all as Jirou tells him what he really looks for in Justice- the arrogance, the pride, the rush- but that still doesn’t add much to his character, especially when we have two more episodes left.  The EVOL group disappeared out of nowhere, Hayami continues to be a jerk antagonist which is almost laughable at this point, and it seems like even the breakdown of the Amagi family and pointing fingers at each other is still contrived and useless when there’s been no emotional development for me to actually be invested in. While the plot has definitely gone up to “world dominance/destruction” level, it doesn’t leave me with any sense of fear or intrigue. Zetman has totally lost the charm of the first episode, which told a story of a man with a broken moral compass, and a man struggling to deal with one. At this point, it’s just as Jirou says- an adrenaline pumped mess, but nothing more. With two episodes left, there’s not much time to clean up this stuff- so I can only hope that Zetman at least put some effort into bringing everyone and everything together. That’s not too hard to ask for, right?

Enjoyment Level: 5/10



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