Jabs and Wounds; Nazo no Kanojo X Episode 9

In this week’s Nazo no Kanojo X, our lovebirds become unusually….jealous.

While the last few episodes took an emotional toll on the viewers, this week goes back to the more comedic side of the show and deals with jealousy. We’ve already had a look at this with Tsubaki and Urabe’s relationship where Urabe “cries” after Tsubaki expresses interest in a girl he had wanted to date a couple of years ago. This episode deals with a similar situation but handles it on both Tsubaki and Urabe’s side. Urabe gets a hairdo and Tsubaki gets jealous of the other guys in his class calling her cute and being able to see her eyes whereas Urabe gets jealous of Tsubaki finding a model in a magazine very cute. While once again, these deal with small things, they’re quite accurate- humans tend to get fussy about the smallest of details, especially in a relationship.

What’s interesting then, is how the two deal with being so possessive of the other and how that shows their character. Whereas Urabe is much more…sporadic about it- being calm until after she delivers her spit to Tsubaki, Tsubaki bluntly shows his jealousy with fidgeting and an awkward but successful attempt to make Urabe never tie her hair up into a ponytail again. Then again, this show is told from Tsubaki’s point of view, so we obviously have more insight into his feelings and thoughts, while Urabe is a complete mystery. Urabe is much more physical in her approach to dealing with the situation. She takes our her scissors and completely tears apart Tsubaki’s magazine, but not without making sure that Tsubaki had the notebook in the first place. Tsubaki on the other, is so anxious of dealing with the topic that he has to struggle to get the words out from his mouth. But inevitably (just like it has always been in the past episodes) it is Tsubaki’s same awkwardness but good nature that convinces Urabe that Tsubaki does want her. Jealousy is shown to be a good sort of emotion that breaches awkward barriers in this week’s episode- but only in healthy doses. Too much jealousy and a relationship will break- but just the right amount and people can come to an understanding after all.

This week’s sexual motif then, is….running your hands through someone’s hair, which I suppose isn’t false, because it is a sign of affection. We take hair to be a very important part in maintaining our hygiene but also our identity. The style of hair we choose, or the color we choose, how long and short it is- these factors are all chosen by the person him/herself. To run one’s hands through hair is not just an invasion of privacy- going from a friendly to an intimate manner- but it also is a sort of confrontational action, just like holding hands or kissing. It’s no doubt that Tsubaki gets jealous that Urabe’s hair gets messed around with. But that’s not really the stem of his problems, nor is it with Urabe when she gets mad and cuts up his Imai Momoka magazine. Possessiveness is something that is shared between a couple, based on the foundation of trust and bonding. Thus, in order to be possessive of someone you must not only like them but feel like they’re worth holding onto- and that is something that can only be gained by trust. So while this episode had the farce of yet another jealousy episode, I feel like it did so much more: it really showed us the characterization we needed but also set a mark as to how Urabe and Tsubaki have progressed with their relationship so far.

It doesn’t seem to be the end of testing how much they have bonded though. Next week we have a new girl in town- and worse- Tsubaki seems to share his spit with her. Uh Oh. If you thought this episod had sexual and emotional tension in it, then we’ll just have to wait and find out how next week compares. Hopefully, Tsubaki can leave without too many cuts from his scissor wielding, but slightly charming, mysterious girlfriend.

Enjoyment Level: 9/10



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