Fun and Guns in the Sun; Jormungand Episode 9

If there was one moral of this episode, it would be that you would have to be crazy not to listen to Koko.

Summertime! The heat makes things fun, as Koko and her gang get a dip in the water for some comedy and good times. Not that everyone needs a swim to get in shape- it seems that in order to even be a qualifying member of Koko’s team, you have to have six pack abs. Or ten. This includes the ladies too. Specifically Velmet. Who you know, only has the hots for Koko so anyone else who quite literally, gets on her turf, is bound to get kicked off. In a very, brutal and embarrassing manner.


There’s also our share of er, more Jonah/Koko though I’m not sure how that pairing is really going- Koko is much more possessive and flirty toward Jonah but I feel like she treats him as more of a plaything. Koko after all, is on the Devil’s side and knows it- if there’s one thing she’s a master of, it’s manipulation. Yet I can’t seem to shake off the feeling that she does harbor a sort of motherly obsession over Jonah, by forcing him to study and become educated. If her saying “You’re mine” continuously throughout the show doesn’t show her possessiveness of Jonah, I don’t know what does. Luckily, Jonah doesn’t seem to mind so much and gets away only with a blush. Who could help it? Koko is beautiful after all.

We also get some details on one of the members, Mao, and how he came to join Koko’s team. Turns out that Mao is the only one with a family, and was a regular soldier until he caused an accident which killed some of his comrades and was thus discharged from the army. Koko picked him up and ashamed, he lied to his kids about how he was fired and instead told him he had gotten a new job from the army (though in a way, it’s not really lying- he’s a hired hitman so). It’s a touching moment for us to understand the more human aspects of these characters, even if they’re not as central as Lehm or Velmet. Mao seems ordinary, but Koko doesn’t pick people to join her unless she has a very good reason to. I think personally, that Mao is pretty good at what he does, but most notably, he has a good heart; Koko however, tells Mao that his kindness should not be his undoing, and most importantly, he should “take pride in his comrades.” It’s the same strong family vibe that we’ve gotten from this show so far and has really made the group so enjoyable to watch.

Going back to business,  Koko finds herself in a bit of a tricky situation. Not only is she selling arms to a company that is currently being held under….wary eyes, aka Dragan Nicolaevich, who is quite the brutal and lethal opponent, but she also has to sneak a bunch of NGO members under their very noses. Termed ODH for Outspoken Doctors for Human Rights, these people are good of heart- but lack the brains to understand what the situation is. Prime example? Oh, I don’t know, running outside right into Dragan when Koko explicitly tells the people to keep their cover! Le sigh. I can’t say that when this doctor came out I had any sort of pity for him getting shot at. But it wakes up the mood nice and quick and Koko gets on her game face and pleasantly takes out Dragan’s forces in less than 10 seconds, with some very flashy and nice animation.

(On a side note, Jonah’s surprise and wonder at being on a plane was really nice to see. I had the exact same fascination as a kid so I was happy to see that being taken into factor as well! This show just doesn’t miss.)

This is apparently another two parter, so we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out. But I don’t think I’ll be disappointed- Jormungand has yet to do that and I’m really loving the pacing and blend of action and slice of life that’s been used so far. With only three episodes left, I don’t think this show can mess up. But as Koko says- erase all predeterminations, so there’s going to be no jinxing here!

Enjoyment Level: 8/10



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