Trapped; Saint Seiya: Omega Episodes 8-9

From where we left off two weeks ago, our hero had defeated his best friend while a silhouette of Athena ascended from the clouds to meet the Principal of the school, with the audience asking “What on earth is going on?” Saint Seiya: Omega‘s past two episodes thus give us some answers, and a heck lot more questions.

Episode 8 is the really plot heavy episode that I enjoyed the most. Kouga finally realizes that Athena is actually some mystical aqua-haired girl, which to be honest, had it coming; there’s no way Saori could have come back that quickly. I also speculated that the School President was up to something and no doubt, he turns out to be a follower of Mars. Why so? We never really do find out, but we are lucky to see Kouga get his butt kicked in quite the fashionable way by the Golden Saint. Guess the power of will alone can’t save you all the time.

The most interesting part then, is when Kouga gets thrown into prison (instead of, well, being killed, which is questionable because you’d like to think that if Kouga is actually a threat to Mars, they’d kill him off) and meets the Ninja Seiya. Yes, a Ninja. Apparently there’s that too now, and his Element is from the shape of a Wolf. Haruto seems to be sort of like Souma and Eden mixed together; he’s playful but he’s also a fan of mocking other people. Though let’s face it- who wouldn’t mock Kouga, inheritor of the Pegasus Cloth who still can’t master his Element completely? Okay, maybe I’m being a little rough. Haruto’s blend of the Ninja methods along with his Saint powers is intriguing though. He’s the first one so far who doesn’t use his Element….purely, and manipulates it with the training of another power. Whereas the rest of the Seiyas we have met so far use their power from their Element, Haruto uses both, and he also seems to have mastered it completely during the time he was in prison. All that time alone might have given him quite the egotism, but despite that, Haruto helps Kouga out and they escape with Yuna and Ryuho (who were so evenly matched that a winner wasn’t announced) along with a slightly injured Souma. Together, they finally use their attacks and get out safely; once again, emphasizing the theme of friendship.

I guess this concludes the Palaestra Arc or rather the introduction to the main characters we’ll be seeing for the majority of the show. It was a good setup- we have a good start to the plot and we have the basis for more character development. My main questions still haven’t been answered however- why was Kouga not killed? Who is the green haired girl who is the fake!Athena but still has the Element of Light? Is Palaestra gone forever? What is Mars’ true objective? Where is the real Athena? And is Darkness just…an overall, bad Element? I’m a fan of moral relativity, as said before on this blog, so hopefully the latter question won’t be true, but I do have to remember that this show is aimed at a children audience (though that really shouldn’t bother with the idea of “not all darkness is evil”). From here I expect we are going to focus on a filler arc of sorts, or more character development- the thing I look forward to the most, as most of our characters’ pasts have only been hinted at. While I haven’t watched the previous Saint Seiya series, I think I’ll still be able to get a decent understanding of the universe and how the concept of being a Seiya works as the show goes on. Or so…I hope.

Enjoyment Level: 7/10



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