Truth At Last; Eureka Seven: AO Episode 6

In this week’s Eureka Seven: AO , we take a slightly darker turn as the team loses one of its own, and a new Fringe inspired character arrives on the show.

While I’m still slightly bitter that Naru didn’t get to come with Ao (you took the sloth but not Naru??? I see what you’re doing here, show) these past two episodes have been a great way to take a little break from the action and spend more time on the plot and characters that we’re going to be emotionally invested in for the next…20 episodes or so. The show doesn’t take any dips in terms of keeping you waiting though- while I wish the character death in this episode could have been pulled off a little better, it still did the job of making Ao a little more aware of the people he’s surrounding himself with.

Mr. Bruno’s sacrifice to reveal the Secret’s figure and location seemed sloppy to me because we didn’t really get much time to know Bruno in the first place. We had about thirty seconds of screen time where he ironically, as the least developed character in this show so far, gave Ao a fair piece of advice, if not foreshadowing: you’ll end up hurting the people you love. But going from there to dying, and you’re expecting me to shed a tear? Even little Chloe doesn’t bawl over Bruno’s death, despite being the closest to him. As such, I conclude that the death isn’t more of emotional value as it is more toward Ao’s development of character. The dialogue he shares with Chloe was perhaps my favorite part of this episode, and while it’s slightly unrealistic for Chloe to be so mature (then again, she’s a pilot who fights against giant laser beam 3D geometric robots on a daily basis) I really like how Ao took the initiative to realize that the people around him do care about him and took him in for more than just being a pilot. I’ll say it before and say it again- despite us not knowing where the fuck Renton is, Ao took the best traits from his parents and it shows. He’s smart, he learns well, and he doesn’t whine unnecessarily, but he’s not so mature that his character arc would be boring. I’m really liking him so far, and his development is solid.

Plot-wise, I can’t say I can make head or tails of what’s going to happen. We have shapeshifters- not from the Fringeverse, as none of them (or is it just one person, I can’t quite tell) are bald. It seems to know Eureka, harbors a distaste against the Allies or maybe humans in general, and is interested in Ao, judging by next episode’s preview. It’s (I’m not sure what pronoun to use, but…I’m going to go with It for gender-blind purposes) eyes clearly show that it’s not human, as with its massive powers of destruction. Is this another Coralian figure? Assuming that AO takes place in a parallel universe and isn’t a direct continuation of the anime (I mean the movie was also set in a parallel universe) do Coralians even exist, and if not, is this what they are? Shapeshifting figures meant to guide or look over humanity? I don’t like to think that Truth is the main “bad dude” but rather an antagonist- yes, there’s a difference- because one of the more notable things about Eureka Seven was the fact that it kept morally grey boundaries intact when dealing with the antagonist side. They were human and they had their own sense of justice. Likewise, I’d like to think that Truth has Its own reasons for well, creating destruction and wreaking havoc. What I liked the most was how it stated that it had tried to help out humanity for its own good, but humanity fuels chaos. It said “we” to refer to itself, which gives me the idea that it, like the Coralians, has a shared consciousness. Second, it views the humans as inferior playthings, which may or may not lead to a conflict in interests when it comes to see Ao next week. While I think that  it would be too simplistic to just have Truth as the main antagonist- I’m a fan of multiple, various ones- I do have to remember that AO is not going to run as long as the original Eureka Seven and thus, some things will have to be cut short. Now whether that’s character development or plot development is yet to be seen, but I would rather the show be solidly built throughout the entire run. So far it hasn’t been doing a shabby job at all. I would go as far as to say that I’m enjoying AO more than Eureka Seven‘s first half, but then again, Eureka Seven’s first half was slow for a reason, which dutifully paid off in the second half and made everything considerably worth watching. I can’t say the same for AO yet, but so far AO has done a good job of keeping itself steady, and I hope that it can continue doing that. But overall, I did enjoy this episode, and I’m glad we’re finally taking a good start into the plot for this series rather than waiting it off.

*we also have an OST release date, which is even more exciting, as this show’s OST remains to be my favorite for the entire season. I’m a huge fan of violins and this show does a fantastic job of making it work in a mecha setting, with lots of action, but with equal amounts of drama.

Enjoyment Level: 7/10


4 responses to “Truth At Last; Eureka Seven: AO Episode 6

  1. I got the impression that there was only one shapeshifter, because when Truth showed up at Gen. Bleu, it took the form of the child soldier and the drug lord as well as the teeth guy. So I think the shapeshifter in both of the scenarios at the beginning was Truth, just at different times.

    • Agreed! Looking back on it now, I can see it’s one person, and it obviously does want to stir up some trouble. What interests me the most however, is how Truth speaks in “we” as a collective pronoun (I may be just picking at the subs) instead of a more direct and individual one. I have a feeling that Truth is somewhat like Eureka in a way that It might have been an individual entity released by the Coralians to see what the world is like- and It doesn’t seem to be liking what it’s seeing.

      Thanks for spotting the mistake though!

      • Oh, I wasn’t really trying to correct you, I’m sorry if it came off that way! I just wanted to share my thoughts, since I had been thinking about that same thing, aha. And yes, I find that really intriguing too! I’m not sure if Truth is a Coralian, since I don’t remember them having powers like that, but if this is an alternate world, maybe Truth’s group is this world’s version of Coralians, or some sort of anti-Coralians.

        Everything is really interesting so far, and I’m very excited to see where the plot goes!

        • Oh no- that’s perfectly fine; I’m a fan of any sort of reply, so thanks for sharing, as always.

          Exactly what I was thinking; I’m still not sure about how this universe is tied with the original Eureka Seven, if it even is chronologically in sync with Eureka Seven’s events. The show did release a ’51st’ episode which was set as a ‘prologue’ to AO’s story, according to the subs, but if anything that episode showed that the anime, or rather the story of AO was based off the story of the manga. Which we all know is slightly different than the anime itself, so that’s even more confusing.

          If Coralians do not exist in AO’s world however, we can be assured that some sort of alien lifeform does, and that seems to be where Truth comes from. Another interesting theory I heard was that Truth was a human being experimented on, but it still doesn’t send me the idea that Truth is a collective consciousness rather than a separate individual (that we pronoun is really sticking.) Either way, I’m excited to see how this develops next week and in the upcoming episodes!


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