One Player after the other; Zetman Episode 7


Oh finally! 180% synchronization….and we learn that red is indestructible. Is there a color code for this?

So we start off with where we ended last week- Jin finally turns into Zetman, only instead of being black and white, he’s red. Which basically means he’s indestructible, or so we’re shown with the way he handles the procreating Player who uh, dies knowing that he’s been used by the boss, Haitani (who wanted Jin to turn into red!Zetman in the first place). Yet another “It was all my plan in the beginning!” trope used in the show, we then switch back to Kouga, who is still determined to execute justice and delivers the most cheesy lines I have seen to date in shounen shows. Luckily, our two heroes manage to defeat their enemies with relative ease, and join up together and give each other support, to defeat the main Player together. Jin turns back (but keeps his ZET levels, which intrigues me) and shares an intimate moment with Kouga, and then goes back to make sure Hanako is okay.

I may sound a bit cynical when it comes to Zetman but I am still fond of it, despite the mess it is after seven episodes. While I mistook it for being fast paced at first, it took me the manga to understand that in essence, the show is rushing all aspects of the story. We haven’t even brushed the major topics of the story but we’re already halfway through the show! I can only blame the episode count, which is set at 13. It’s disappointing to know that this show was made from the creators of Tiger and Bunny, which was still solid and well built despite having its ups and lows. Here, in Zetman, we’re not allowed to catch our breath- it’s one thing after the other, and as a result, character development suffers heavily. While the show focuses more on the parallels between Jin and Kouga, which in itself is pretty great, it’s missing out the other great characters- the so called ‘damsel in distresses’ of the two male protagonists, who are reduced to plot tropes and are propped up for making our heroes seem…more heroic. In the manga, they’re much more fleshed out and are given arcs of their own.

Which really all boils down to the question of why I didn’t hold myself back and read the manga before the anime aired- I was too excited by the first episode, which was so great. My mistake. Nevertheless, as fast paced as Zetman can be, it still really offers some excellent direction of fight scenes. The camera shots and fluid animation are still as good as ever, and I’m a huge fan of the way that there’s so much detail in the animation of the character’s faces. Usually anime only renders the basic expressions of the face, but Zetman makes sure that there’s subtle changes to each sort of expression. I really like that and hope they keep it up….for the next 4 episodes, whatever that’s worth. My biggest question isn’t really how Zetman will keep up its animation quality, but rather how it will end in the first place. There’s no doubt that they won’t  be able to flesh out the EVOL organization as much as I had hoped, so does that leave them with just ending the first arc of the manga? Or will they make an anime original ending (something we all know that doesn’t tend to work out very well)? I would expect a sudden closure because Zetman should do well in sales. If so, I hope that they make more seasons, but the creators are probably already busy with their future Tiger and Bunny installments. We’ll have to find out.

Enjoyment Level: 5/10



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